CAN-BIKE Instructor Workshop

This intensive two-day workshop certifies CAN-BIKE 2 graduates to become instructors. Skills 2 Instructor is the highest level of instructor certification, below National Examiner. The workshop includes riding tests and refreshers, principles of adult education, risk management and other subjects needed to effectively organize all courses in the CAN-BIKE program. After registering, participants receive a topic that they will present on the second day of the workshop. Participants complete a second series of written and on-bike tests following the workshop.
The CAN-BIKE Skills II Instructor workshop is presented by a CAN-BIKE National Examiner.
Participant requirements:
Participants must have previously completed a CAN-BIKE Skills II course, with an 80% or better mark on written exam, handling skills, and road tests. Participants must be an experienced rider with demonstrable competence; and have some teaching experience or training. Each participant will need a bicycle in safe operating condition and a bicycle helmet.
Pre-Workshop Requirements: 
Qualifying participants receive CAN-BIKE Instructor Kit binder to familiarize with contents before the workshop starts.
Worksop Outline:
  • Workshop Introduction, Icebreaker(s), Introductions
  • Learning Principles.
  • Adult Learning Styles.
  • Effective Learning.
  • Risk Management.
  • Effective Feedback.
  • Challenging Participants.
  • Effective Teaching.
  • Pre-course Preparations.
  • Comprehensive CAN-BIKE Curriculum.
  • Traffic Dynamics.
  • Equipment, Handling Skills, Group Ride.
  • Special Topics.
  • Instructors’ Responsibilities.
  • Instructor’s Exam.
  • The Road Ahead.
  • Wrap-up.
  • Post-Workshop Requirements:
  • Essay examination.
  • Riding examination.
Post-Workshop Requirements:
  • Essay examination.
  • Riding examination.