Adult Courses

Beginner Adult Courses

CAN-BIKE Adult Learn to Ride 1 ages 14+, 3 hours on bike learning how to balance, start, stop and turn.

CAN-BIKE Adult Learn to Ride 2 ages 14+, 3 hours on bike for people who are too unsteady to ride on streets. You will learn to balance, start, turn and use your gears with confidence.
CAN-BIKE Introduction to Cycling Skills ages 14+, two 3 hour sessions for beginner cyclists.

More Advanced Adult Courses

CAN-BIKE 1 ages 14+, 12 hours for cyclists who already ride on residential streets or bike paths. Develop skills and build confidence in low traffic neighbourhoods.

CAN-BIKE Cycling Freedom for Women ages 14+, 12 hours for women, taught by women. Similar to CAN-BIKE 1, but addresses specific concerns such as security at night and riding with children.

CAN-BIKE Rural Cycling ages 14+, 6 or 12 hours, for the rural resident or the cyclist who intends to do a lot of rural riding. Develop skills and build confidence while learning the challenges specific to rural cycling.
CAN-BIKE Commuter Cycling Skills ages 14+, one-day course for urban cyclists.

Advanced Adult Courses

CAN-BIKE 2 ages 14+, 18 hours of advanced skill and knowledge development in defensive cycling for commuter and recreational cyclists who already ride in traffic. Includes classroom bike handling skills and riding in all traffic conditions. This course will improve your skill and confidence in riding in challenging traffic situations. CAN-BIKE 1 is not a pre-requisite for CAN-BIKE 2. This certificate course is quite often a requirement for jobs that involve cycling and a pre-requisite for many bike squad members across Canada.
CAN-BIKE Bycicle Touring Skills 1 and 2 ages 14+, 20 hours instruction (including 5 hour day tour), plus optional overnight camping tour. The course content is designed for cyclists new to bicycle touring.
CAN-BIKE Designing, Leading and Organizing Bicycle Tours 14+, two day course, a classroom course with emphasis on knowledge and attitude attributes of tour leadership.