Official PokeManiacs! (members)

 To join, email ALL of the necessary information (AS SEEN HERE) so I can send a confirmation email to you, giving you an account number and confirmation of your password.
Pokemaster (Masters of the Arts)
PokePal (Bachellor of the Arts Pokemon)
PokeFan (Knowledged Pokemon Fans)
New Trainers (Males with not much knowledge of Pokemon)
New Star (Females with not much knowledge of Pokemon)
Dead Star (No prior knowledge)
Sammy    (PokeMaster)                                                                                                            
Liggo    (PokeMaster)                                                                                         
     Emzy    (PokePal)
Kitty    (PokePal)
                       Max (PokeFan)
  Peter (PokeFan)
       Saffy (PokeFan)
    Callum (PokeFan)

    Matty (PokeFan)
    Billy (PokeFan)
Daniel (New Trainer)
Jamie (New Trainer)
George (PokeFan)
Sophie (New Star)
    Ruby (New Star)
    Kaine (New Trainer)
    Ocean (New Star)
Finlay (New Trainer)
Thomas (PokeFan)
    Joy (New Star)
    Dot (New Star)
Graham (New Trainer)
    Jack (New Trainer)
    Zoe (New Star)
    Lewis (New Trainer)
Blaziken.jpg image by narufanx    John (PokeFan)
    Lydia (New Star)
Connor (New Trainer)
Dean (New Trainer)
Marcus (PokeFan)
    Dylan (New Trainer)
    Chris (New Trainer)