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Goose (Greg)

    Goose started racing karts in 1990, the same year Goose's Kart Shop was founded.  His motivation for racing karts came from not being able to afford a Formula 1 racing team.  Who came blame him, right?
    He began racing the Briggs & Straton stock class at the Wasatch Raceway.  He moved onto the Alcohol SuperStock Briggs and Straton becoming the Utah State Champion several times.  In 1997, he stopped racing and put all of his effort into being a consultant for his kid, Wyatt. He loves being involved with anything karting and shows it through the success of Goose's Kart Shop.
    Karting is one of the many motorsports Goose enjoys though!  Check out the above picture where Goose is atop the big sand mountain at the sand dunes!

1991 Utah State Champion
1992 Utah State Champion
1993 KT Heavy Spec (Finished 2nd)
1994 KT Sportsman State Champion

    Wyatt began racing kart in 1997, at 7 years old.  He started doing well in 1998 in the Junior 1 4-stroke class.  He moved up through the classes (Junior 2 4-stroke, Junior Yamaha, Junior Rotax, Senior Yamaha, Yamaha KT100, Rotax International) until he raced the 125cc Shifter Kart in the SKUSA SuperNationals.

1998 Utah State Champion Junior 1 4-cycle 
1999 Utah State Champion Junior 1 4-cycle
2000 Utah State Champion Junior 1 4-cycle
    (Finished 3rd)
2001 Utah State Champion Junior KT100 
2002 Utah State Champion Junior KT100 
2003 Salt Lake Regional Champion for
    SKUSA ROTAX Junior
2003 Utah State Champion Junior KT100
2003 Utah State Champion ROTAX Junior
2003 SKUSA Nationals Superkarts! USA
    (Finish 2nd overall) Norman, Oklahoma
2004 Rotax International State Champion
2005 Rotax Nationals Southwest
    Regional Cup Blackrock Raceway 
2005 BlackRock Super Shootout
2006 SKUSA SuperNationals
    (Finish 15th) Las Vegas
2007 SKUSA SuperNationals
    (Finish 14th/37) Las Vegas

    Dan began his kart career with racing indoor karts with Goose and Wyatt.  After a few races, he decided to try the outdoor go karts at MMP.  After the third race, he could almost keep up with the karting prodigy himself, Wyatt (see left column).  The adrenaline from kart racing was so great, Wyatt let him take his 125cc shifter kart out for a spin at MMP.  After a few laps and spin-outs, Dan got the hang of it (sort of) and decided to get into karts for real.
    In 2013, he raced in Senior 4-cycle karting league.  However, due to injury, he wasn't able to finish the year and retired from karting.
    He's also our IT guy.

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