Goose Lake International Music Festival

Welcome to our commemorative web site for the Goose Lake International Music Festival.  We want to remember and celebrate the second largest 3 day rock festival of the era in the USA.  Back in 1970 from August 7th-9th, the Goose Lake International Music Festival took place near Jackson Michigan.  Dozens of bands played, including Jethro Tull, Rod Stewart, Chicago, Mountain, SRC, Bob Seger, The James Gang, the MC5, and many others.

The festival is part of our family history.  Richard Songer owned the property, organized, promoted, and put together the event.  He wanted to create a really cool place for people to listen to great music.  While not everything went perfectly, and he wasn't able to realize his total dream, we are left with many wonderful memories.  We had such a cool time at the festival, and we hope you did too.

Rather than having a paper ticket to get in, casino chips with the Goose Lake logo were created.  Some of the colors like the green ones were more common, while others are pretty rare.  Here's a picture of the nine colors we found in the boxes of them we've kept preserved.  We've sold some from time to time on eBay, but there is a way you can get one for free.  Read on below.

Now for sale on eBay..... Authorized 40th anniversary Goose Lake T-shirts!
Along with the chips, we kept some other memorabilia, including some of the original T-shirts.  There were some folks making T-shirts at the festival, in addition to the real ones.  We kept a few of the authentic ones from the festival, but we since don't have enough of those to sell them, but we've decided to create a T-shirt to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Goose Lake International Music Festival.  As the family of the festival's owner and promoter, this is the only authorized T-shirt you can buy.  We'll have them up for sale soon on eBay.  For a limited time, while supplies last, we'll give you one of the chips for free, with the purchase of a T-shirt!  You can own a piece of rock history, and proudly show off the Goose Lake logo to let everyone know you were there (or wish you'd been there!).

Here's a shot of the front of the new T-shirt (on the left), next to one of the original ones from the festival.  As you can see, the logo is the same, and the color is very close (between the years of fading and the lighting, they look a little more different in the photo than in person.  We're also thinking of also doing an exact reproduction, including the banded collar and sleeves.  Keep an eye out for that one in the future, but for now, just the 40th anniversary shirt.  You can buy one now on eBay.

For the back of the shirt is based on the original concert poster, as shown here side by side.  As you can see, the colors are very close.  "Jackson Michigan" in the original poster has been replaced with "40th anniversary" in the new shirt.  They look really cool.

We'll have the T-shirts in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.  They are high quality, and very comfortable to wear.  Buy one now on eBay.


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