Kalle's Project Page

+++ This page is about my current game design projects, more or less hot. Further information about the games are available from my main web pages but I'm currently too lazy and busy to update those pages regularily so this is the place for the most recent information in the most cases.+++

Current game projects

+++ Hot items.+++

Deabolik II (card, beta). New merged version of Deabolik and Lords of Hell. In quite good shape. See game rules.

Minions of Hell (board, alpha). About playing those Other Powers of Hell. 

(card, beta). Russian Roulette bidding game. See game rules (in Finnish)

Tikkipeli (card, alpha). Card game with some new (or at least uncommon) mechanics/ideas. See game rules draft (in Finnish)

Tentacle Date (board, alpha). Who connects own tentacle monster to most private parts of Japanese school girls? See game rules draft (in Finnish)

+++ Playtesting - most probably nothing to be done to these until more games are under +++

Tuonelan joki (board, beta). Action optimization game. See game rules (in Finnish)

Summer Camp Slasher (card). Light party game of slasher movies. Maybe available in real cards someday.

Dungeon Lair (board). Dungeon building tile game, using old Dungeon Quest tiles. Theoretically I could do a similar tile set from scratch for more wider use.

Unnamed Gladiator Game (board). Quite fast and simple tile game which seems to be O.K. at least with say 3-4 players. However, needs better components, current hand-drawn cardboard tiles cause much confusion and make playtesting a bit hard. See game rules (in Finnish) for more information.

+++ Bubbling under.+++

Kannas (board, beta). Eurowar at Second World War. More like an optimization practise; a team game in which the best wins.

Varaanikorttipeli (card, alpha). Some version of cybervarans.

Neo-Troops X (board/RPG, design). The final definitive varan game. Basically the old Neo-Troops RPG with more exact board game system so that it can be played with GM. Still in early design phase. You can check Neo-X (in Finnish, sorry) for ideas of new varan system which would work both faster and more smoothly, especially for board game. This would also make drawing varans for Varaanikorttipeli easier.

Notorious (card, alpha). Serial killer card game, has a working version but not that interesting game - it is just missing spirit.

+++ In Sick Mind.+++

"Armageddon" (board, design). High fantasy adventure of Good and Evil, Dark and Light, of epic adventures and choices of being good or evil before the final battle. I have some clever design ideas for this one, but as the game idea is a bit massive, it will take time for this to ever emerge.

Knights: the Board Game (board, design). Board game version of my greatest Amiga hit, "Knights".  While waiting for it, you might want to check out http://knightsgame.org.uk/ for modern port of Knights, including LAN support!

Planetoid (board, design). Epic space game of diplomacy, war and simple and fast rules.

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