The Internet is booming with new read-write web tools everyday.   Knowing what tools to use,  why you should take on learning something new, and finding ways these tools can be used in concert can b
e pretty confusing.  When would I use a blog? Why would I use Moodle?  Do I use a wiki or Google Docs? How do I choose? Do I use it just because it is the latest newest  coolest thing, or is there a better reason? Four web based tools have emerged that can enhance student learning by taking some established best practices in education to the next level making it easier, faster, and more fun to learn.  

In this presentation we will look at how Google Aps, Moodle, Wikis, and Blogs can enhance student learning, enable collaboration and information exchange both inside and outside of your classroom.  But most importantly, we will help you know when and why you should use them.

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