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The Drax Club plays in both the Goole and District Leagues and the Selby and District Leagues. 
The club secretary is:
Mr. E. Ketley
Long Drax
YO8 8NH 

Currently there are four teams competing in the Friday Fours Leagues:
Drax A
Captain: J. Greenwood
League: Division E

Recent Achievements
2012    2nd   Division E Promoted
2011    3rd    Division E
2010    8th    Division E
2009    6th    Division E
2008    3rd    Division F Promoted
2007    4th    Division F
2006    5th    Division F

Drax C
Captain: E. Hardman
League: Division E

Recent Achievements
2012    6th    Division E
2011    6th    Division E
2010    1st    Division F Promoted
2009    7th    Division F
2008    3rd    Division G Promoted
2007    5th    Division G
2006    7th    Division G

Drax B
Captain: E. Ketley
League: Division D

Recent Achievements
2012    3rd    Division D
2011    10th  Division C Relegated
2010    1st    Division D Promoted
2009    4th    Division D
2008    8th    Division D 
2007    2nd   Division E Promoted
2006    1st    Division F Promoted

Drax D
Captain: B. Greenwood
League: Division F

Recent Achievements
2012    9th    Division F
2011    8th    Division F
2010    10th  Division F
2009    9th    Division F  (as Drax Ladies)
2008    8th    Division G (as Drax Ladies)
2007    8th    Division G (as Drax Ladies)
2006    8th    Division G (as Drax Ladies)