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League Trophies

posted 26 Aug 2018, 10:54 by Graham Duck

Please ensure that all League Trophies are returned to the League Secretary ready for engraving.

League format discussed at August Executive Meeting

posted 12 Aug 2018, 11:06 by Graham Duck

Input from President (John Barber):

Despite this season's excellent weather conditions, there has been a notable increase in failures to field a full team.  
By early August*, 21 rinks had been conceded in the Mid-Week Pairs but only 3 in the Friday Fours.

These proposals, to help rectify this situation, apply only to the Mid-Week Pairs:-
1.  To amend the 4 Pairs (8 players) format to a 2 Pairs & 1 Triples (7  players) format.
2.  To permit any player from a lower league to substitute for a player in a higher league.
3.  To permit any player from the Friday Fours (not registered in the Mid-Week Pairs) to substitute for a Mid-Week Pairs player.
4.  To notify, in advance, any proposed failure to field a rink to the opposing team.

These are entirely separate proposals for consideration, at the September meeting, for submission to the A.G.M. and any additional suggestions are welcomed.

*League Secretary will be able to update these figures at the meeting.

World Cup - Semi Final Wed 11th July 2018 - Special Ruling

posted 8 Jul 2018, 12:26 by Graham Duck

A ruling was agreed at the July Executive Meeting that any League teams with planned fixtures for Wed 11th July may re-arrange this fixture after the date, due to the scheduled World Cup match between England and Croatia. This shall be treat as per a 'Rained off' match.

Cup Competitions

posted 17 Jun 2018, 12:22 by Graham Duck   [ updated 8 Jul 2018, 12:51 ]

Check out who is through to the next round in the Cup competitions.  See the 'Cup Competitions' tab for details!

2018 Leagues - Drax D drop out!

posted 30 May 2018, 02:09 by Graham Duck   [ updated 15 Jul 2018, 12:11 ]

Please note that I have been informed that:

Drax D have withdrawn from Friday Fours Division E.

previously we had lost...
Jemmy Hirst have withdrawn from Friday Fours Division B
West Park C have withdrawn from Friday Fours Division E.

In Division E with Drax D withdrawing, at this late stage the only change shall be that in the last week of the season Howden (home) will now play Pollington C, not Hemingbrough as in the book.  This will ensure that all teams play 13 matches.  (Unfortunately not all teams play the same no of home and away, but there is nothing much more that I can do at this late stage.

2018 Bowls Season

posted 8 Apr 2018, 04:12 by Graham Duck

The fixture books are out for circulation.

For minor changes to rules see Association Overview tab...

Key Dates to note:

2017 League Finishing Positions

posted 10 Sep 2017, 11:03 by Graham Duck

Goole Finals Day 2017 at Airmyn Bowls Club

posted 28 Aug 2017, 12:33 by

Goole Finals Day 2017
A New Junior Cup will take place on finals day for players aged under 21, who have not played in any Goole singles before. Players will play 4 bowl singles. Each Player will play 3 games of 10 ends. There will be 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw and shot difference recorded. Then the top 2 players will play a full 21 up final to decide the winner. All players will receive a prize.
The Finals Day timetable is shown below.

All timings are approximate


Coronation Shield - Airmyn Riverside - G Hill, S West, J Willis, M Eyre, T Grassby, J Smith

Versus Howden - D Westerman, R Westerman, J Whyte, T Brown, G Duck, J Buckee

Bevan Fours - C Morris, P Hankins, D Wright, S Theaker versus P Hodgson, D Hodgson, I Milner, J Morton



Temple Cup 4 Bowl Singles - P Hodgson versus S Theaker

Killgallon Cup Ladies 4 bowl singles - J Rushby versus J Stocks

Start of New Junior cup



Broderick Cup over 60s 2 bowl singles - S Theaker versus D Bean

Ellicot Cup 2 bowl singles - D Westerman versus J Morton

Eastham Cup 2 bowl pairs - J Taylor, P Hankins versus P Hodgson, D Hodgson

Junior Cup ongoing



Harry West Cup 3 bowl pairs - C Morris, A Patterson versus S Theaker, L Atkins

Anderson Cup 4 bowl pairs -  P Hodgson, D Hodgson versus J Taylor, P Hankins

Junior Cup Final



Clark Cup 3 bowl triples - C Morris, P Hankins, S Theaker versus J Taylor, K Onions, G Warrilow

Encouraging Young Bowlers

posted 18 Jun 2017, 13:02 by Graham Duck   [ updated 13 Aug 2017, 12:58 ]

Many of you will be wondering how we have been spending the £1000 donation towards encouraging new young bowlers to the sport.  So far we have made the following purchases of equipment for use by any of the bowls clubs in the Goole and District Bowling Association to use in encouraging young bowlers into the sport.  So far £386.79 + £350.34 = £737.13 has been spent.  An order with Eleven is awaiting completion.  We will be looking for everyone's support in making good use of the new equipment.  The bowlsparc equipment has now arrived from Eleven. 


Cup Competitions

posted 4 Jun 2017, 13:38 by Graham Duck   [ updated 3 Aug 2017, 05:33 ]

Latest results are all shown in the Cup Competitions section.
Please consult for latest on who has got through to the next round.
Thanks to Dina Westerman for keeping us up to date.

We are now at the semi-final stage in the Goole and District Cup Competitions.

In the Coronation Shield Competition (Three Pairs, 2 woods per player):
Airmyn Riverside will play Pollington B at Hemingbrough
Howden will play Pollington at Drax

In the Ellicott Cup (2 wood singles):
J Whyte will play D Westerman at Howden
J Morton will play L Atkins at Howden

In the Temple Cup (4 wood singles):
P Hodgson will play D Westerman at Drax
S Theaker will play J Taylor at Airmyn

In the Eastham Cup (2 wood Pairs):
J Taylor will play S Theaker at Airmyn
P Hodgson will play P Welsh at Fishlake

In the Harry West Cup (3 wood pairs):
B Smith will play C Morris at Pollington
S Theaker will play A Williamson at Pollington

In the Anderson Cup (4 wood pairs):
J Barber will play P Hodgson at Howden
B Smith will play J Taylor at Hemingbrough

In the Clark Cup (3 wood triples):
C Morris will play L Wodcke at Drax
J Taylor will play E Hardman at Pollington

In the Bevan Cup (2 wood Team of Four):
J Taylor will play C Morris at Airmyn
P Hodgson will play J Barber at Hemingbrough

In the Killgallon Cup (4 wood ladies singles):
L Williamson will play J Rushby at Howden
M Mileham will play J Stocks at Fishlake

In the Broderick Cup (2 wood singles):
L Atkins will play S Theaker at Airmyn
D Bean will play J Morton at Fishlake

The finals will all be played on Saturday 2nd September at Airmyn.

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