Economy 4G3W (A.K.A Personalized Economy) 

The Economy 4G3W (fourth economic Gesture into the Web W3C) is overcoming the Classic Economy by adding the results of the money datevaluation practice throught communication motors into the WWW. The strong point of this personalized economy is the cashkeeping fusion of personal live-savings parcels producing webcashmatic plusvalues and sharing multiplied random daily cash results of the universocial_cash_production associated by the personalized money link established and created by the datevalors's economic action. The money datevaluation practice is proposed to purchase plusvalues in cash phase. It means that the datevaluation as a personal economic action is proposed to anyone like an investment's substitute where the operated amount is just converted by 10€uros parcels fusion, in the property of one or multiples live savings units (the owndated webquantums) in order to reach webcashmatic plusvalues under cash keeping mode (cashkeeping). The money datevaluation is a personal creation of the link money-to-money for Cash-Results-Sharing in webfishing position. By 10€uros webdated parcels into the Personal_Selfmarked_Space linked to the WUW_Anchor The Universocial_Cash_Fund.

Webcashmotor (A.K.A Mousephone) 

Webcashmotor Helper for savings Personal device to shift 10€uros bank money parcels into personalized money with the creation of Owndated Webquantums properties. 1 OW = 10 €uros of live-savings. Webcashmotor is the websoftdevice for the money datevaluation practice into Economy 4G3W. It is delivered by free dowload at WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web. The personal webcashmotor is the input or output program icon for the creation of live-savings through a communication motor into the Selfmarked-WUW-Space on the Web W3C. The user shift credit asset into the ownership of asset . All the running operations are in cashkkeping mode. 


The money datevaluation is an economic practice proposed to get webcashmatic plusvalues (web powered&automatic plusvalues in cashkeeping mode). This upgrade to the Classic Economy introduces an alternative or an investment's substitute to be used by communication motors provided with the personal webcashmotor 4G3W. On the Classic Economy when you think about to make plusvalues you have to use investment and you have to choose, then you have to buy and manage differents production factors which are the support and recipients for plusvalues polarization. Investment is a cash away practice because you have to buy and when you need cash back, you have to sell and you may get plusvalues but often you may have to accept your losses. Into the upgraded Economy 4G3W when you think about to make plusvalues you have to use datevaluation practice by your personal webcashmotor. On it like when you charge your mobile, you have to shift 10€uros parcels of your bank money into your self-created parcels of personalized-webliving-savings and you have to put in each of your 10€uros the time or the webdate of each of yours creations or "Owndated Webquantums". So each OW is a webdated bank-finantial support for the polarization of your incoming webcashmatic plusvalues and for the attribution of shared daily-cash-results. And in reason of which your ownership parcel merged with webdate, each OW has the timestock moment of it creation. That time in stock aggregated in each of yours owndated webquantums, it can deal time selling your ownership. Now in reason of the 10€uros of your CashPut merged as your finantial charge for universocial production and for sharing multiplied daily-cash-results, you have the right to CashCall. Datevaluation is a riskless practice because it goes in cashkeeping mode, your personalized-webliving-savings. 


Cashkeeping 4G3W's knols When you go to your personal economic action just using some of your cash just linking it by money-to-money link and having the right to reverse your putting action in a cash calling action, you are in an economic action in cashkeeping mode. Cashkeeping is the stade of all 10€ parcel of personalized money webpowered in Economy 4G3W (that maded by the addition of the 3 economics action (save, spend, invest) + the results of the new personal economic action of the money datevaluation) . Because by the money datevaluation you cashput one or multiples 10€uros parcels shifting it from bank money condition to personalized-money or personal webliving-savings condition. Then you keep the right to reverse and by cashcall order you may shift your webliving-savings parcels into bank money and you get 10€uros for each of yours parcels. In Economy 4G3W the cashkeeping mode is insured by the self creation of the personalized-money at the moment of the datevaluation of each 10 €uros with your right to reverse your economic action. Of course your personalized-money is a webliving-savings parcel or 1 Owndated Webquantum . Mostly you refer the webjuristhing by personalized-money when you pay another datevalors with this bank-finantial-webliving material just ordering the ownership changes for the needs of your deals at the TOM the Timestock-Owndated-Market. A small argumentative text, by Mauro Francisco Cáseres, co-worker. A complete and radical upgrade for the classic economy, and so on, as history and tech advances, we find ourselves in the need of improve our administrative methods in order to give an optimal usage to those news technologies and discoveries, this is a great example. We are not discussing if Adam Smith and capitalism were right, or wrong, or just stable, we're saying that in every historical context, the mankind needed specifical tools and ideologies, And look! We're using the same as 300 years ago! We need an upgrade, and we need it now. We already have it in our hands, let's get rid of those dusty-n-rusted ideologies, and improve the wealth. The last financial crisis, started some days ago, avails this tesis. Good luck.

Linking Money-At-Money

The link money-at-money The money datevaluation practice is the source of the money links. The money-to-money link is a self-pushed-pipe for getting webcashmatic plusvalues and daily cash results. Contents Linking money by Mousephone 4G3W The link money-at-money is the cash-sharing-cash connection created by a datevalors... Linking money by Mousephone 4G3W The link money-at-money is the cash-sharing-cash connection created by a datevalors person using his own webcashmotor for the datevaluation of the bank money. By that created link, each 10€uros is shifted into 1 "Owndated Webquantum" property of personalized money under dynamic live-savings on cashkeeping mode . Any OW is running for added values of free production fators organized at WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web. The money-at-money link is a self-pushed-pipe for cashput_cashcall use with the Universocial_Cash_Fund at Universocial_Sovereign_Anchor (U_S_Anchor). The detail of the required materials for datevaluation into each money link is : - 1 webcashmotor ownership or WUW datevalors registered as webjurisperson 4G3W ; - 1 unit of 10€uros of bank money personalized by WUW registered webcashmotor ; - 1 automatic web time position of the Owndated Webquantum created to share by cellcashproduction_cellcashresults. Any Owndated Webquantum is accounted in a WUW dynamic webcashaccount, the datevalors account which flash detail position will show his Selfmarked_WUW_ Space with all added-value counters .

Time-Money-Currency Counter

MyTime-Money-Currency Selfcreated dynamic-web-currency, Mytime-Twitter-Currency, Gool-Bama-Cash-2009-Currency It is an example of dynamic-web-currency proposed and reserved for the personal creation of each datevalors ( WUW registered webjurisperson) for Owndated Webquantum exchanges into Economy 4G3W. In the conditions of Economy 4G3W, the fusion of a saved money parcel with an associated time or creation moment (webdated), produces one webpowered personalized material, basis for a new generation money which is a dynamic-savings-asset or Personal_Webliving_Currency, YourTime-Money-Currency i.e. images : This personalized material is a datevalors creation (10€uros / 1 OW) it means 1 Owndated Webquantum and its value is changing with the cash-sharing-cash universocial production which is calculated and displayed on the flahed webfishing position for each Datevalors. Each single parcel "owndated webquantum" is living in the web catching production factors, charging added value and sharing cash-production for cash-results. The process enhances a webcashmatic plusvalues generator which belongs to the datevalors-creator. The ownership of each Owndated Webquantum (OW) may change by private deal at the Timestock-Owned-Market (TOM market)and exchanges may use the mutual agreement between seller and buyer about the flashed value of such OW running on webfishing position. That evaluated value is accepted for general exchanges between datevalors at TOM market. As a cash- production-cash-sharing-daily-cash-results this Personalized Currency is proposed in Economy 4G3W under the name of MyTime-Personal-Currency better than also used MyTime-Money-Currency


Selfmarked-Universocial-Space Self-Webmarked-Space The selmarked-universocial-space (SUS) is the part of the overall enlarged 4G3W economic space created by each datevalors. Any datevalors create his SUS by the money datevaluation of 10 €uros parcels, personalizing bank money with that finantial charge merged with the time (webdate) of the fusion result : 1 Owndated Webquantum with the registered ownership of his datevalors-creator. The Selfmarked-Universocial-Space or (SUS) is the space where are located all the Owndated Webquantums belonging to the same Datevalors. The SUS is scanned at any moment by the WUW Admnistration for determination and accounting of overall asset of ownership Datevalors. This asset is the value of a set of dynamic counters showing the position under the specific qualities of each OW created parcel by parcel.


Datevalors Users of the Economy 4G3W The datevalors has the ownership of Owndated Webquantum Datevalors is the quality of a webjurisperson that makes the money datevaluation through a 4G3W iconed communication motor into the Web in order to create Owndated Webquantums. These Owndated Webquantums are the bank-finantial soft material or webpowered cells _____________ for holding the related personalized money and it live-savings charge into the Economy 4G3W ______ for sharing cash_production/daily_cash_results ___________________________________________ for getting webcashmatic plusvalues and it market performance forces from the original timestock. Any datevalors is the owner of at least 1 Owndated Webquantum ______________________________ with it self_webmarked_space linked money-to-money to the production anchor Universocial-Cash-Fund . Datevalors is the economic agent ; Datevaluation is the fourth economic practice, after consumption, savings and investment practices ; Economy 4G3W is the enlarged economy by the money datevaluation practice ; Owndated Webquantum (OW) are the asset objects accounted in Economy 4G3W ; Self_Webmarked_Space is the web place where are running all the OWs belonging to the same datevalors.


Datevaluation The money datevaluation is a proposal for a fourth economic practice besides the three classic practices The money datevaluation is proposed for the personal economic option as the first investment's substitute in order to reach plusvalues in cash phasis. Datevaluation is the economic action proposed to increase the global economic results of the Classic Economy currently limited to the 3 old practices of consumption, savings and investment. Actions that, when intended to work together, got contradictory and counter-reacted between themselves. By the money datevaluation practice the economic agent enlarges the Classic Economic Space personalizing banked-money (tangible) parcels with a webdate savings fusion webcashaccounted in a Personal_Webmarked_Space and linked with a cash-generator-cash-production-cash-sharing-daily-results, the Universocial_Cash_Fund anchor or Universocial_Cash_Fund. When you add the economic results of consumption + savings + investment + datevaluation you are into upgraded Economy 4G3W, it means 4 Gestures by WWW so by communication motors to the web. We also need to know (If we actually don't) that our 3 gestures, altought they "may" satisfy our needs, can be boosted, not by patching (as we mostly did) the existing system, but, adding a new innovating gesture: The fourth gesture, the datevaluation.


Webfishing Datevalors selecting production factors preferences in Economy 4G3W Datevalors using tagvaporator selector menu Webcashmotor to manage Owndated Webquantums of his ownership. As a qualified Datevalors [with your own Webcashmotor on the screen of your communication motor (PC, Mac, Mobiles and others 4G3W iconed screens)] you put the datevaluation of 1 or more 10€uros parcels, to create as well 1 or more Owndated Webquantums. Cells each of them to be 1 of yours differents self-marked-webspace-time-quantum. And becoming enregistered things of your ownership. Supports to receive webcashmatic plusvalues induction and for sharing cash-production-daily-cash-results. Easy-to-use linking money-to-money, for much-more-money. From the manner connection with WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web for the money datevaluation through your personal motor-for-savings. Because any OW has the same reconversion value of it 10€uros bank money charge, the cashkeeping riskless guaranty. When to manage your links money-at-money to better performance on yielding wealth, you prefer to use the tagvaporator selector menu on your webcashmotor or surf the web selecting yourself at your own fishing manner, it is the webfishing function ongoing. Injecting selected production factors into yours OWs, it made results of your webfishing position ongoing. This personalized results are your tagvaporating free. Some are more or less on the wave for more or less added value. It gives the flashed picture of each OW for Owned Timestock at the "Timestock_Owned_Market" bid-ask presentation.

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