Create Your Own Homepage with iGoogle

    Now that you have a Google account, you can create your own personalized homepage. You can download a theme and select gadget to add to your homepage. These gadgets can organize the tools you use most. iGoogle gives you immediate access to many useful tools on the web. Both Google and third parties offer a wide variety of gadgets.
   Gadgets are widgets which contain tools to use or link to information from the web.

A.    Getting Started
            The easiest way to get satarted is to let Google set up a basic and select gadgets (widgets) for you. Check them out and then decide if you want to keep them, delete them, rearrange them, or add to them. It will give you a good starting point.

        1.  Go to the Google start page: www.google.com
        2.  Click the Sign in link in the upper right hand corner
        3.  Click the iGoogle link in the upper right hand corner.

Google will help you to set up your iGoogle homepage. Simply select your interests, pick a basic theme and enter your zip code.

Google will set up a basic home page for you, including some gadgets which might be of interest to you. Once you have a basic page, you can begin to refine it according to your taste.

Here is the basic page layout of an iGoogle home page:

 B.    Customize Your Home Page with Gadgets
            Gadgets can be either tools or links. Google provides a searchable database of gadgets.

            1.    Add your own gadgets by clicking on "Add stuff>>" in the Theme pane. You can select from hundreds of gadgets.

          2.    Search for gadgets that might be of interest to you. From the left side navigation pane of your Gadgets page, you can select a category to search.
                    --You can also enter a search term to look for gadget types.

          3.    When you find a gadget you like, click the "Add it now" button.

              4.   When you are done, click the<<Back to iGoogle home link.

            5.  New gadgets are always added in the upper left hand corner of the gadgets area.
                       Move your cursor until you it changes to the Move cursor.             
                       Drag and drop your gadget wehre you would like to position it.

                       You can rearrange the layout of your page any time you want.

            6.    You can delete gadgets by click on the triangle in the upper right hand corner of a gadget.

                    A drop down menu will allow you to delete it.

C.    Customize Your Home Page with Tabs


        Can’t get enough of those gadgets on one page? No problem. You can create multiple pages by adding tabs.



    Google creates your basic tab, which is your Home tab.


    When you expand this tab, you see a menu of your gadgets. You can also open the drop down menu. From this menu, you can choose to rename this tab, delete this tab, or add a tab.


When you add a tab, you create a new iGoogle page.


Click on Add a Tab to bring up the Add a Tab dialog box.

 Name your new tab.

If you select the “I’m feeling lucky.” item, Google  will select gadgets based on the name of your tab.


Your ideas about what should go on this page will probably not match Google’s random picks. However, the random picks may show you something new and interesting you would not have come across otherwise.


And you can always delete and add gadgets to customize your page.


NOTE: In order to add gadgets to the correct page, be sure to select that tab before you click on the Add stuff button.



You can add multiple tabs, which will give you multiple pages.



D.   Customize Your Home Page(s) with Themes

        What is a theme in iGoogle? A theme sets a background image, menu and header color,
        and text color. A theme is a custom design that allows you to personalize the look of
        your page.


In the lower right hand corner of the iGoogle banner, look for “Change theme from . . .”

You can search for themes by category,


Or you can type in a search term

If you have multiple tabs, you can select a different theme for each one.




Karen Gurney,
Apr 6, 2009, 4:14 PM