Learn & Apply - Create & Customize

1.1 Create, Name, and Apply a Theme

To access Google Forms go to drive.google.com and login to your gmail or google apps account. In this course we will create a 'customer survey' for a fictitous fitness facility called 'Fit Club.'

1. In Google Drive Click on Create
2. Choose Form
3. Replace 'Untitled' form with your own name. Call this form 'Fit Club's Customer Survey'

One of the key features of Google Forms is the ability to 'select a theme.' This allows you to apply a custom design to your form. 
4. Select a theme.
5.. Click OK.1.1

1.2 Set up Collection Criteria

If you are using a Google Apps for Edu  you have the option to require 'sign-in' to view/access the survey as well as the the option to auto collect user id.

Require Google.com signin to view the form
If you check this box, the form will only be accessible by those who have accounts in your Google Apps Domain.

Automatically collect respondents username
The 'email address' of the user will be collected and if "Allow users to edit their responses' is selected the respondent will have the option of receiving a link to edit their responses in an email.1.2 

Create, Name & Apply a Theme