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Poor Newson

I'm here to explore the possibility of creating new services from Burkina Faso for the world or for the local context through the internet.
Unfortunately it happens also that I have this background as industrial designer and a master from the Design Academy Eindhoven. The two things together deformed my mindset in a way that every now and then I need to think of a chair (most of the time this doesn't lead to any interesting design).
I apologize with my previous teachers and mentors that tried (sometimes) to convince me that designing another chair is a useless excercise.
So the other day I met Sidi's neighbour.
He spent all his life transforming old barrels into watering-cans. Until one day this silly Italian designer came and convinced him to make a chair.
So I went there with a quick and vague sketch and results were not very encouraging, in fact we couldn't understand each other.
So I brought him a reference for him as an inspiration, I couldn't find anything better than the Lockheed chair by Marc Newson. Realizing the contrast between the local context and the meaning/value of that chair is something that happens only when you see the print of the image of the famous chair in his toolbox.
Then I also gave him a sketchy model I made with plastiline. Curiosly enough Sidi's neighbour, Alassane, asked me precise meisurements, although he admitted he never works with meisures. He added, he never makes chairs neither.
So he started making nice scale models

and finally the first prototype. All this in less than 2 days.

In the next days we will change something in proportions, details and structure. Still I think this is a pretty nice chair.
By the way if any designer wants to comment and give suggestions is very welcome to do it.
Updates will follow.