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Abdulaye's fabrics

This is Abdullaye Ganame.

Abdullaye's expertise consists in the traditional way of dyeing fabrics. This process is done through several steps and the use of several plants, in order to get the traditional pitch black colour. he also does some basic tayloring.

Abdullaye shares his court yard with a gentlemen that weaves cotton. Alas I forgot his name!
Abdullaye draws illustrations that belong to the local tradition. Gives the drawings to a guy that has access to old radiographies from the hospital. This guy cuts the plastic sheets and give these "stencils" to Abdulaye.
By using wax in the dyeing process, illustrations are made visible.
For Abdulaye is quite hard to relate to tradition. He knows those symbols and characters are important for his culture, but he is also very aware of the fact that his culture has deeply changed through the years (please look again at his portraits picture). We discussed about recent changes, and of course the workshop run by my team-mate Francesco represents quite of a change in the local scene. Pizza has landed in Ouahigouya and people is quite intrigued about it. Abdulaye and myself decided that we could think of some A-prons for the people working at the Pizza oven. Abdulaye rarely invents new illustrations. He borrows thing from various sources, and again, the Internet came into our conversations. Google images is an incredible resource for Abdulaye. So we looked for cliparts about pizza and we found a few. 5 minutes later a couple of print outs were already in Abdulaye's hands, who stuck these new visuals in his traditional process.

He combined these new elements with traditional visuals too. Result was well appreciated by the people at the oven.