In Burkina Faso a little revolution is happening right now: for the first time faster internet connections are being available in the Country.
This is a revolution which is for some aspects similar to what happened recently with GSM cell-phones.

Previous co-operation projects provided the town of Ouahigouya, in the north of Burkina Faso, of a centre with computers and now a reasonably fast internet satellite connection.

Giovanni Innella will be in Ouahigouya during the whole month of November 2009. His task is to introduce the local population to the resources that internet provides and how to use those in an active way.

For example how to use Google and its tools, the on-line services for publishing and distributing books such as, how to use YouTube as a medium for communication, how to set up a blog or a simple website, etc…
The final goal is to let the locals understand the potential of the internet and invite them to think of some micro-business models that can eventually generate some income.

This project is developed at the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute with the support of Zon Multimédia, Madeira Tecnopolo, Co.Co.Pa. and local organization ARCAN.

This website is meant to keep track of the work and also it's a chance for any visitor to comment, give advices and react.
The project welcomes any person, company or institution potentially interested in getting in touch and eventually contribute to the development of the content. All the information is free to use.

photo: picasa user He