My files


A small report: shortReport.doc

A long report split into two: summaryPart1.pdf  and summaryPart2.pdf

For a copy of the campus map to use in ArcView, let me know. I can sent it to you.


Here is ToExtractashapefile.doc. This will break the Geodatabase to individual shapefiles.

Here is Line_Edit_Toolbar.


To change column order using PHPMyAdmin, click on SQL and type: 

ALTER TABLE directions MODIFY COLUMN `last_of_segment` int AFTER `head_of_segment`


Tutorial on how to find X and Y of center of each building can be found here: XYcentroid.doc

You will get his warning message in PHP if you assign NULL to a global variable:

Your script possibly relies on a session side-effect which existed until PHP 4.2.3

Set your global variable to '' instead