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Sketch Up

Google Sketch Up is a wonderful tool that can be used in various aspects of the classroom. Sketch Up was purchased from a firm that was selling the software to architecture companies for several thousand dollars. When Google purchased the software, they began giving away to people for FREE. What can Google Sketch Up do for you and your class? First let's start with the basics...

Primary classes
- You can use Sketch Up to draw shapes and show students how a shape becomes 3D. For example: how a circle becomes a cylinder, a square becomes a cube...and so on.

Elementary classes - You can have students draw simple machines. For example: a wedge, an inclined plane, a lever, a screw, a wheel and a pulley.

Middle school classes - Your students can map out your classroom or school.

High school classes
- Your students can design buildings, furniture, cars, and submit the buildings to be placed on Google Earth!

To find out more about Sketch Up click here.


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