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I visit too many sites in one day to keep up to date on news, blogs and information! What is a busy teacher to do? RSS and iGoogle to the rescue. First of all...what is RSS? Really Simple Syndication will bring your news and blogs to you instead of you having to go out and find the information yourself. This is a organization and time saving tool that you will want to use. Sold yet? How do you get one? All you need is a Google account. The next time you log into Google, click on iGoogle at the top right. It will bring up a page that you can customize with sites you want. When you first set up an iGoogle page, it will offer to help you set one up based on your interests and prepopulate it with feeds you might be interested in. If you like them, keep them...if you don't like them, just click on the X to delete them. Want to add new things, click Add New Stuff on the right and search through the tons of gadgets to add. Can't find what you are looking for? Scroll down and look on the left side menu and click to Add from a URL, if that website is set up to RSS feed, you can add it.

Now you ask, how can I use this in my classroom? Well, you can subscribe or add all of the teachers in your team or school to see what they are doing.

Want to learn more about RSS? Watch this video.

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