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Michigan Business Spotlight - Realty Commander

Realty Commander, a software firm located in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor, offers efficient and impactful technology solutions for realtors and real estate brokerages. Their vision is simple: to be the most comprehensive and convenient provider of real estate software. Their technology is flexible enough to meet the needs of realtors across the country, offering users everything from document storage to transaction management. 

Realty Commander recently started advertising with Google AdWords to grow their brand at the national level. When their initial campaigns lacked desired visibility, the Realty Commander marketing team turned to Google for assistance. Conveniently, the Google Ann Arbor office is only three blocks away from Realty Commander’s headquarters!

During their visit to Google Office Hours, the Realty Commander team learned about and implemented strategies to increase their nationwide visibility. With the assistance of a Google volunteer, they also implemented a measurement strategy with Google Analytics to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns. In subsequent meetings, the Realty Commander team and Google reviewed campaign data to make meaningful improvements to both brand visibility and advertising return on investment.

Since their first visit to Google Office Hours, Realty Commander’s AdWords account has grown to include multiple campaigns, supported by Analytics data that identifies a link between new business leads and their newfound visibility on Google. They are seeing improved results from their marketing campaigns, bringing in more customers, and continuing to see increased brand awareness on a national level.

Google Community Office Hours provides free face-to-face consultations for nonprofits and small businesses. Through this program, Google has helped more than 300 Ann Arbor organizations succeed online. To schedule an appointment, please sign up here.