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You must take a mastery test in All of Math throughout this week. It will count as a 20 point quiz score. Your grade is based on meeting the goal for your current level. 
Level 1 (0-9% mastered): You must increase by 20%
Level 2 (10-19% mastered): You must increase by 15%
Level 3 (20-29% mastered): You must increase by 12%
Level 4 (30-39% mastered): You must increase by 8%
Level 5 (40-49% mastered): You must increase by 6%
Level 6 (50-59% mastered): You must increase by 4%
Level 7 (60-69% mastered): You must increase by 2%

Calculating your quiz score
I started at 6% and made it to 18%. I increased by 12%, so I reached 12/20 of my goal. Therefore my quiz score is 12/20 or 60%. 

Note: Make sure you show Mr. Torres your score before you start your mastery test. Save all the work you do on paper as evidence of progress towards your goal. In the case that you did not meet your goal, you must show it to Mr. Torres as proof that you tried your best to meet your goal. Participation in class will also be considered if you did not meet your goal. In other words, the teacher is going to be taking notes on students whom are or are not working.