About Us

The Natural Essence of Life was formed in April 2009. In 2016 it was re-birthed and given the name Good Vibes Holistic Center. It is comprised of a natural holistic doctor, which has made dubious efforts, to help her clients achieve optimal health. Nikki is a CNHP  and a Naturopathic Physician with over 22 years in the Natural Health & Higher Conscious living Community. She sold nutritional supplements for a MLM company, that also specialized in environmental health conscious products. Such as; air filters, water systems and nutritional supplements. Dr Nikki also used to work for a Pharmaceutical company and had the privilege of seeing how the orthodox medicines impacted the body. Since her departure from these companies Nikki has educated herself in naturopathy and is recently graduated from her ND program at Trinity College. She is certified in iridology, nutrition, body works, body systems, reflexology & an expert in the natural health arena. She  also specializes in energetic medicine through biofeedback & MRT.

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