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Here at Good Vibes Holistic Clinic, we only offer you the finest products and services. Nikki is a CNHP- Certified Natural Health Professional and Naturpathic Doctor, who specializes in nutrition, iridology, muscle response testing, food sensitivities, reflexology, homeopathic remedies, (TFR) Traditional Flower RemediesEmotional Stress Relief and body detox.

We are dedicated to giving you non-evasive alternative solutions for healing your body naturally.  We use health assessments to guide you through the appropriate therapies, that fits your body needs.  It does not take  a whole lot of money to be healthy. With that being said it does take commitment on your part. Ideally it takes about 90 days to reverse most health imbalances. However, there are certain under-lying situations that may take longer to eradicate. Once balance it brought back into the body dis-ease dissipates and the body comes back to homeostasis.

Being healthy is a lifestyle and a choice that you have to personally make for yourself. You only get one body so take care of it the way that our Creator intended for you to.The fact that you are here visiting our site, shows your level of health consciousness  At the start of each initial session, Nikki shows you how you can start from what you may already have, in your own kitchen for positive health results.

GIGO Garbage in, Garbage out! We focus on preventative health here. However we are dedicated in showing you how to put the pieces of the puzzles back together, on your journey to good health. Are you wondering where is a good place to start? Well look no further, schedule your appointment today and let's start this journey together, because everyone deserves good health!

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