August 25, 1933 - November 23, 2005

In Tribute to Mom, and to Her Love of the Committee of 200

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The outpouring of support from the C200 founding members still reachable, was both humbling and brilliant.

 Her lifeline plots the points of noble purpose, high principal, strength, laughter and the kind of integrity that only the generous wear well.

- My Mother Collects Things –

My mother collects things
Like a leopard collects its spots,
Like a moth gathers dust on its wings
and a poet collects his thoughts.


 Pueblo Chieftain



In 1982, Susan Davis targeted many of the nations' most successful female business leaders in a fund raising campaign to benefit the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).

Intrigued by the breadth of their achievements, she recruited some to form a national network, where members would share ideas and business opportunities. To qualify, executives had either to run their own companies with revenues of at least $5 million--since raised to $10 million--or head a corporate division with $50 million or more in sales.  (BusinessWeek 5/12/97)

Pop was providing for a family of five with a $17,500/year job he'd been at for nearly 20 years. Mom borrowed money to go to college at age 39. She tested out of her first year and completed the other three in exactly two. Graduating first in her class she was named 1972's top woman Accountant by the Colorado Chapter of the National Society of Women Accountants. When Mom started school, Pop gathered up his disappointment in a promised promotion derailed by a change in ownership of CF&I Steel, and handed it to a fellow that had been trying to hire him for several years. Three years later,  surrounded by oilfields, refineries and the corporate home of the energy and exploration icons of the 21st century, Mom and Dad started Central Pipe & Supply, Co., Inc.

 Between 1976 and 1981, they built one of the most successful, respected and innovative companies in the patch. Although the hey-day of the oilfield deteriorated , hitting bottom in 1986, they remained substantial and respected for their integrity and kindness.

In 1989 Pop learned he had some serious health problems. He set out in his Jeep to find some place he could breathe. The folks sold tCentral Pipe in 1991. 

They retired in La Jolla, CA - the "Jewel by the sea" where they entertained kids and grandkids in high style for many years.

They were a couple of kids from Pueblo, Colorado. They were never groomed for such success, but they wore it well, remembered most for their generosity, humor and gratitude.

 My mother was elated when Susan Davis called. The Committee of 200 became her most loved affiliation. Though she often down-played her involvement, it is clear that those illustrious women recognized more in her then windfall good fortune.

 Mom would be deeply touched by the out-pouring of glowing recollections that so accurately cast the fineness of her character in such sharp relief. For all who called her Mom, Sister or dear friend Diane, the passage through grief has been softened greatly by the impassioned, funny, moving and brilliant messages received from those few who were her true peers.  

We will always be indebted to all of the wonderful members of C200 who have given us such glorious memories to recount each time we are reminded of her.