Below is the link for the VPK application! Please bring the completed form to the ELC as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please refer to our contacts page.
Elaine Miranda
VPK C Teacher

Mrs. Miranda, who has attended both Southwestern Community College and Palm Beach State College, has earned her FCCPC credential as well as her National Child Development Associate Credential. She began her career with Good Shepherd Lutheran Early Learning Center as a volunteer before becoming an aide and then quickly deciding to become a teacher. She has loved every minute of the 10 years she has spent at GSLELC. This year, she will focus on assisting the children in becoming self-reliant. They will learn how to be more independent by zipping their own jackets and cleaning up after themselves. Students will learn how to hold scissors and writing utensils, how to write their names, and to recognize letters and letter sounds. They will start working on rhyming words and expanding their phonological awareness. Most importantly, they will focus on making learning fun!

Heidi Kicos
VPK C Aide

Mrs. Heidi has an associate degree from Gulf Coast Community College and earned a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Florida State University. This is her second year working at Good Shepherd Lutheran Early Learning Center. She has worked as a lifeguard and taught swim lessons for 3 years. Mrs. Heidi has two children. Her daughter attended our K-2 through VPK program and her son is currently a student in our K-2 class. She aims to work closely with Mrs. Miranda to help the children enjoy the learning process.
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