Praise the Lord - Return of Jesus the King of Kings 

We are trying to provide a Collection of Videos to give a glimpse of truth over wide range of subjects for you to have an overview of abundance of truth of Jesus Christ; for Jesus is Coming Soon to establish the Kingdom of GOD on earth as it is in heaven. All wicked will be Judged and the meek and righteous will inherit the Land. Also dead in Christ well be raised to be as Kings and Priests for eternity.

The below are the topics discussed in this website:

  • Heaven/Hell Experience
  • Happening Revivals
  • Signature of GOD
  • Scientific evidence
  • Archeological evidence
  • Honest testimonies
  • Fulfilled Prophesies
  • Messages & Songs etc...

Science is a search for truth. It is a approach to know the Truth from an observation of the world around us. Religion tries to explain truth from human intuition.

Science – Bottom up Approach

Religion – Top down Approach

    Where:   Top        –  Heaven/Truth/Reality

                    Bottom  –  Earth/Ignorance/Imagination

But with all the knowledge in the world we will still are far from knowing the complete truth and as the ancient say "a man attains wisdom only when he learns that his knowledge is just a drop in the ocean."

Because with all the wisdom in the world we still feel emptiness in the heart, since we don't have the fellowship with GOD, which can only be filled by the Love of Jesus Christ.

Knowledge is not sufficient to have a relationship with God, it is personal experience of Love of God. (“That GOD gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life”)

Our wisdom is not sufficient to grasp the vast knowledge, at one movement of time we have to come to a decision with the little knowledge we have attained. And that is what we do on all of matters of our daily life.

Ex 1:- We believe in solar system just because with little knowledge we learned/taught builds a trust in them who taught us; Thus we Trust and Believe in there words. This we do without doing complete experiments/study of Heavenly Bodies as done with full scientific observations and calculations.

Ex 2:- During our illness we take medicine on doctor’s prescription without much argument or verification, because of the faith developed on them by our previous experience.

Ex 3:- When we travel we don't go with unbelief, but we trust the driver (after small mind tests) that he is capable of taking care of it.

We taking decision on all matters of our life regularly in our day to day activities, it is Good to know in which direction our decisions are directed which may help us to go towards the path of Happiness and Eternal Life.  

Prerequisite for knowing God:

-         Conviction of sin (Because of self examination)

-         Desire for Fellowship with Goodness (Only God is Good)

-         Honest and sincere search for truth (from the bottom of the Heart/deep hunger within)