Rainbow Jello

Rainbow Jello

7 small boxes of Jello, different colors

1 32 oz tub of plain Greek yogurt

Boiling water

Start by spraying a glass 9x12 pan with cooking spray. Boil water (I find it's easier to start a large pot of water on the stove and keep it simmering, then I just measure out what I need for each layer).  Mix 1 cup boiling water with the first color of jello.  Stir it until all the jello is dissolved.  In another bowl, measure out 1/3 cup of the Greek yogurt.  Measure one cup of the prepared jello into the yogurt bowl.  Set aside remaining jello.  Mix the yogurt and jello until smooth and pour into the bottom of the pan.  Put the pan in the fridge to set up. Leave the remaining jello sitting out on the counter until the yogurt layer is set up.

The first layer will take longer to set up, maybe as long as 30 minutes.  The following layers will set up more quickly.  If you are unsure if the layer is firm enough to pour the next layer on, simply touch it with your finger.  If it bounces back, it's ready, if it sticks to your finger, give it a few more minutes. When the yogurt layer is set up, pour the clear layer of the same color on top and return to the fridge to set up.  Simply repeat these steps until you have made it through all the colors.