What We Believe

Good Hope Core Beliefs

Good Hope Core Beliefs serve as the foundation for our ministry – they are the inspiration behind each decision we make.  Core Beliefs answer the question, “What are the beliefs around which our life and ministry are organized?"  These beliefs find their expression in statements which are spiritual truths that have shaped our congregation and serve as the bedrock foundation of our identity.

Below, we offer a list of the Core Beliefs of Good Hope.  They are not necessarily listed in any order of preference.

 We Believe:

1.  The Bible is the inspired Word of God and reveals God’s identity, actions and purpose for all,

2.  God the Father creates, loves and sustains all that exists,

3.  God the Son, in His love & mercy, willingly died in our place to save us from our sins and give us new life,

4.  God the Spirit calls, gifts, empowers and guides each of us to be a blessing in this neighborhood, community and the world,

5.  We are imperfect people, in need of a Lord and Savior, and we are called to share the gospel message of God’s love, forgiveness, hope and grace with all people,

6.  Prayer and the Sacraments of Baptism and Communion are essential to the life of the church and powerfully connect us to God so that we may share our thanks, praise, and requests, and receive God’s grace and guidance,

7.  The Lord is always faithful to provide help and guidance in every challenge; we trust in Him, and

8.  Cheerful financial support of Good Hope and its work as a mission center is our privilege and is pleasing to God.

Adopted, January 27, 2008

Good Hope Core Values

Core Values drive our ministry, support our beliefs, and find their expression in actions which are highly agreed upon.  They are the underlying reasons for our actions and decisions. Core Values answer the question, “What are the underlying reasons for doing what we do?" 

Below, we offer a list of the Core Values of Good Hope.  They are not necessarily listed in any order of preference.

 We Value:

1.    Bible-centered preaching & teaching for children and adults,

2.    Prayer in all circumstances,

3.    Worship that provides a connection to God in a variety of ways,

4.    Growing as disciples,

5.    Being a caring family in Christ,

6.    Welcoming and showing hospitality to all,

7.    Opportunities for everyone to be heard,

8.    Generous giving and outreach to others,

9.    Our Lutheran heritage, and

10.  Sharing the Gospel and our faith.

Adopted, January 27, 2008

Good Hope Mission Statement

(the broad sweep of God’s purpose for us)

God calls the people of Good Hope Lutheran Church

to be His disciples,

to proclaim Jesus Christ as the focus of life, and

to share His hope and love with all.


Adopted September 27, 1992

Reaffirmed January 27, 2008

Good Hope Vision Statement

(a snapshot of who God will shape us to be 5-10 years from now)

Overflowing with and transformed by the Spirit, the people of Good Hope respond by doing what Jesus did:

 Make Disciples

We are people who want to know God more, who love to worship God, and are eager to invite all into a community shaped by the forgiveness and grace of Jesus Christ.

 Spread the Gospel

Living lives of generosity, guided in prayer and united in purpose, we are eager to share our faith with others and be a witness for Christ.

 Seek Out and Minister to People in Need

We care for all people and offer ministry groups for all ages and life situations, with members confident in taking leadership roles.


We are an anchor of Christian faith in the community, well-known for 
the reliability of our preaching, teaching and care of people’s needs, 
as we value every person, and their faith journey.


Adopted January 27, 2008