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Good Hope Lutheran Church was formed on November 16, 1929.  We serve the Boardman and the greater Youngstown communities, making disciples, proclaiming the message of Jesus, supporting local and worldwide ministries, and sharing His hope and love with all.  Good Hope is a congregation of the North American Lutheran Church (NALC).  We strive to an anchor of Christian faith in the community, well-known for the reliability of our preaching, teaching and care of people’s needs, as we value every person, and their faith journey.

The official minutes of the organizing meeting offer a clear picture of Good Hope’s beginning.  They state,

At 8:00 P.M. on November 16, 1929 a group of people gathered at the Lutheran Mission Chapel for the purpose of organizing a Lutheran Church.  The name chosen by the group was, The Evangelical Lutheran Good Hope Church of Youngstown, Ohio.  The Rev. Eibling was called as first pastor and immediately accepted.  Serving as secretary pro tempore, Pastor Eibling noted in the minutes, “Every motion of the evening carried unanimously, real Christian harmony prevailed, and God’s gracious presence, without which all things are vain, was very near.  It was good to be there. All who attended left the meeting with the feeling that they had been with God.”

This beginning laid a foundation for all our future ministry.  Good Hope continues to be a people who are welcoming, friendly, and Spirit-filled.  Our main mission is the mission Jesus has given us, to make disciples. We care deeply about helping people:

      • grow in their relationship with God as they learn to listen to His voice in the scriptures;
      • build meaningful relationships with others, living out Jesus’ call to love one another; and
      • find meaningful ways to use their talents and gifts to serve God, their family and friends, and the wider community.

We invite you to come for worship or any of our activities.  To learn more about Good Hope scroll through the many pages of our sidebar.



Good Hope joins NALC pilot program:  In 2013 Good Hope was invited to join in the North American Lutheran Church’s partnership with The Navigator’s to establish disciplemaking as the main mission of our denomination.  Good Hope was one of five congregations in the NALC to begin the pilot program, which has since spread to additional congregations in Ohio and in many other mission districts throughout North America.

Writing about the need to develop a clear picture of a disciple, Bishop John Bradosky wrote, 

As you know one of our four foundational values in the North American Lutheran Church is: Mission Driven.  Because the Church does not belong to us but is the Body of Christ we are not searching for a mission.  Our mission is the one Christ gave to it in Matthew 28. “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I am with you always, even to the close of this age.” (18-20)

There is a great line from Alice in Wonderland – “If you don’t know where you are going any road will take you there!”  Let us be clear regarding the path, the map and the destination.  Discipleship begins and ends in Christ who is The Way, The Truth and The Life.  To that end we press on!

   Good Hope’s Picture of a Disciple (the target we are aiming for)

“a disciple is a follower of Jesus who is maturing and multiplying.”

For a more complete picture, see the document entitled “Picture of a Disciple.”

Discipleship Growth Groups are groups of 3-4 people who meet weekly to encourage each other with our presence and prayers to mature in faith as we read God’s Word.  Then, we apply to our lives what we are sensing God is saying to us.



The Congregation, at its annual meeting or any special meetings, is the highest governing authority for the congregation. All ministry is guided by the Word of God and our Constitution and Bylaws. We are incorporated in the State of Ohio and our Articles of Incorporation are available on this page in the Documents section. At the annual meeting in January, the congregation elects members to a staggered three-year term on the Trust Fund Committee. At a special meeting in December, the congregation elects 8 members to our church council for a two-year term.

The Trust Fund Committee is composed of five members who manage the three endowment funds of Good Hope: Designated Property Fund, Designated Christian Education Fund, and the Undesignated Trust Fund.

The Church Council meets monthly to provide leadership and direction for the congregation.  Each year, at its December meeting, the council will elect the officers (Pres., V. Pres. Sec., Treas., & Financial Sec.) and will assign members to one of six committees (Education, Evangelism, Fellowship, Property, Stewardship and Worship). Council meets monthly on the third Tuesday. Committees meet monthly at various times; current days and times are found in the monthly newsletter.  Approved Council minutes are available on this page in the Documents section.

Current members of Council are:  

Church - Council 2019
President:             Lennie Hall
Vice President:     Brandy Maurer
Recording Sec.:            Cindy Wynn
Treasurer:                      Tom Metzler
Financial Sec.:               Donna Flick

Council Committee Members    

Worship:               Erin Sturrus
                               Randy Brown

Education:           Carole Swope
                              Elaine Holdt
                              Brandy Maurer 

Fellowship:           Cynthia Anderson
                               Priscilla Marotti     
Stewardship:            Bill Chalky                                               Gary Bonner
                                   Glenn Sivak
                                   Tom Metzler
                                   Donna Flick

Evangelism:              Lennie Hall 
                                   Jim Petuch
                                   Cindy Wynn                                            Lil Williamson

Property:                   Dean Rowthorn 
                                   Howard Hallas



Governing Documents

Annual Reports

Approved Council Minutes