Are you looking to get your presence up on the web? Many years ago the best way to do so was to find some web space and learn some HTML. Nowadays, this option is for the brave at heart. HTML is an advanced study.

Due to my limited time between a full-time job and family, I am no longer able to do web design for you. If you would like training on how to learn HTML coding, I am available for hire. Keep in mind that there are many other tools for the average web page ready for you to use, including Facebook and Google Sites, both of which are free.

If you would like to learn about website design, this is what I can offer:

  • Photoshop help in learning how to best prepare art and photos for the web page.
  • HTML primer and how this markup language works with other technologies to makey dynamic web pages.

Please contact me for more information:

GoodFix Computer Services

Keith Gonzalez
Call or text message: 533-3939

My Goal:
Computers are expensive enough.
Don't pay more to maintain them.
If I can't determine your problem or can't fix it,
you don't pay. It's that simple.