Computers are a long ways from becoming appliances that are trouble-free and predictable. In the meantime I can help you diagnose what ails your computer. Whether it is a hardware issue or software corruption, I can assess the situation quickly to get you back to what you were doing.

Price for troubleshooting consultations (up to 30 minutes): 

$15 - Bring your computer to my workshop
$30 - I come to your location (within 10 miles of the city of Prescott)
$20 - Remote session with the use of remote control service *

* After the initial meeting with you, subsequent sessions are available to you through is an independent and industry-level service to let me remotely see your screen over the Internet. You need a reliable high-speed Internet connection. For more information, please see the website for more information.

GoodFix Computer Services

Keith Gonzalez
Call or text message: 533-3939

My Goal:
Computers are expensive enough.
Don't pay more to maintain them.
If I can't determine your problem or can't fix it,
you don't pay. It's that simple.