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User-Friendly Home Computer Services located in Prescott, Arizona

Are you looking for computer upgrades or repair, one-on-one or group trainings, home networking help, digital photography lessons, or anything else to do with your computer? GoodFix Computer Services covers the Prescott Quad-City area for your computer needs. From enhancing your ride on the information superhighway to teaching you how to take those first steps behind the mouse-wheel, we'll get you up to speed with exactly what you need to transition into the Information Age.

Maybe your computer has had too many digital miles since it's last overhaul. Well, before you trade it in, give me a call for a free consultation to see if that is your best option. In many cases I can get your older computer humming like it came out of the box. Email or call for your free consultation.

I use a person-centered approach with my services, which means you never feel degraded for asking any type of question. My philosophy is that we all have our specialty, so not everyone can be a computer expert. I promise to treat you with respect and answer your questions without all the techno babble. I give plain English answers to explain technical terms so you can understand and enjoy your computer as much as possible. I also have lots of experience with seniors and work at a pace that is comfortable for them while speaking clearly for maximum understanding.

Over 17 years of professional computing experience at affordable rates! Please view my resumé for a list of qualifications by clicking here.

My Goal:
Computers are expensive enough. Don't pay more to maintain them. If I can't determine your problem or can't fix it, you don't pay. It's that simple.

GoodFix Computer Services:
Keith Gonzalez
Call or text: 533-3939