Some Southern Appalachian tunes & Songs

Fiddle, 2 Banjos & Guitar & Bass, an Old Time String Band

We play songs of the rural south.

Great songs of love and life and fun.

We play for Dances, Hoe Downs, Parties.

We organize, teach and call the all ages, timeless dances. See the Dance Page

Old time Clogging & Flatfooting demonstrations

Background music for events.

Call or Text: 616 307-0883 or 616 916-3520

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Gooder ’n Grits is a local West Michigan old-time band that has a Southern orientation without the twang or drawl. Focusing on the pre-bluegrass era of the Carolinas, we play fiddle and banjo in the Round Peak style made famous by Tommy Jarrell and others.

We have two banjo players who clog and flatfoot, a fiddler and a guitar player, and two married couples whose lives have overlapped in many ways. Bryan Wittimore joined with his base and deep proformance credentials.

This music could be considered sentimental because its simpler, elemental Mayberry-era sound harks back to a time when people could sit on their front porches playing music or spend a Saturday night going to dances. But these tunes and songs of love’s innocence, humor, and hope for the future have a rightful place in today’s entertainment- saturated society.

The music still resonates in our collective memories, rich and sweet and lovely.

We practice real hard, so we know we’ll be Gooder than Grits.

Here at Grand River Folk Arts Society Contra Dance January 1, 2016 with our best bassist Bryan Wittemore.

Feb 14, 2014

"We had so much fun Friday night—and Gooder'n Grits was a hit! We heard from so many people that they truly enjoyed the music and the event.

We loved the music and you guys were great. Stephanie was in awe of your talent—as we all were, but those in our church who had no idea of your band couldn't stop talking about you—or--y'all!

R. told me later she had been skeptical about the event but she said it was too fun, and once she got on the dance floor she couldn't stop dancing!

I also need to thank the great callers you brought. I liked the way Karin got us out on the floor at the beginning; they made it fun for kids and adults.

Oh! It was a great night. Thank you again so very very much!"


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Short Profile:

Gooder’n Grits

Is an Old Time String Band that is inspired by the centuries old fiddle tunes of the upper south. Truly mountain music that is having a revival in the neo rural and urban folk bands. Two banjos, fiddle, guitar and bass bring you back a hundred years to when your family and neighbors gathered on Saturday for food music and dance. Comic songs take you aback with their rural universality, and "the going back home songs" make you long for "Mayberry".

Beware clogging, or flatfoot dancing may break out. A square dance could commence with the energy that emanates from these simple forms. They are definitely Gooder than Grits.