Welcome to the Good Earth Bike Journey web site!  Through this site you can follow our family's bicycle adventures as we ride across the U.S., develop a soil study curriculum for children, and help raise funds for Children's Hospital, Boston. Our ride takes place during June - November 2010. 
We update when we can, but with limited internet access and bicycling all day, this means our updates are sometimes days/weeks behind. To see the most recent updates click on the "Updates" and "Photographs" buttons on the left of this page. The "Soil documents" link will only make sense to the 6 readers for Debbie's Sabbatical work.  At the conclusion of our trip we will update all of the photos and text.
Debbie's sabbatical from Keene State College includes chronicling the development of a soil study for young students.  Drawing from the work of Kerry Ruef (1992) and the Private Eye Project ( http://www.the-private-eye.com/index.html ) one square foot of soil will be studied from disparate regions across the country.  Jeweler's loupes and magnifying glasses will be used to change scale.  Writing, thinking by analogy, and drawing will be used to develop strong observation skills that lead to theorizing about new discoveries.  Testing these theories will be developed in collaboration with readers for this project using different technologies for communicating findings.  This approach to a soil study will be piloted in a kindergarten classroom, a 5th grade classroom and in a Keene State College Elementary Methods course. 
Readers can post comments to us at: boofdorf@hotmail.com.
-The  "Donate to Children's Hospital, Boston" link takes you to our fundraising page. On that page is an explanation and donation link, if you wish to donate. We appreciate donations of any size, from $10 to hundreds.
Because of the rural aspects of the trip, there may be extended days between updates, but we'll do the best we can.

Thanks for reading!
This map will update our actual route and display soil study sites, as well as other points of interest:

Actual Tour Map

This map displays our proposed route for the entire bike journey:

Proposed 2010 Tour

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