Good Cheap Sewing Machine

    sewing machine
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  • a textile machine used as a home appliance for sewing
  • A sewing machine is a textile machine used to stitch fabric,paper,card and other material together with thread. Sewing machines were invented during the first Industrial Revolution to decrease the amount of manual sewing work performed in clothing companies.
  • Any mechanical or electromechanical device used to stitch cloth or other material; normally uses two threads to form lock stitches
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good cheap sewing machine
good cheap sewing machine - Portable Mini
Portable Mini 2-speed Sewing Machine
Portable Mini 2-speed Sewing Machine
Providing perfect stitch control, this mini sewing machine comes in handy for anything from silk to denim. The machine's user-friendly design offers a top drop-in bobbin for easy threading, automatic thread rewind, a simple on/off control button, and an over-sized button for setting the speed from low to high. Choose either the hand switch or the included foot pedal to start. The unit makes a nice gift for any craft enthusiast, novice or on-the-go sewer, or college student with an eye for fashion. The mini sewing machine uses DC 6-volt power and measures approximately 7-2/3 by 4-1/2 by 8-2/7 inches.

My new sewing machine!
My new sewing machine!
I'm not usually impulsive with money (it took me 7 years to buy a Blythe, even though I loved her at first sight), but this machine is so delicious, I had to get it! The last time I was this impulsive was when I bought my first button press back in 2001, and that worked out, right? I got it through the Home Shopping Network because I'm CLASSY! Since I ordered it during their spiel, it was a LOT cheaper than the regular price, plus, it came with a bunch of extra crap. My old machine was a good little trooper, but was really meant for someone who was just learning, and it was time to move on. Plus, it was a gift from my ex's parents back in 2000, and tended to be a reminder of sad times. OMG, you guys! This machine can sew the tiniest hemlines! And it's so smooth. The table doesn't shake when I sew! It's blowing my mind, but that might be due to how archaic my old machine was. haha!
i busted out my sewing machine last night to make these napkins. they're really just dishtowels i bought at ikea, cut in half and hemmed. it's been over 6 months now that we stopped buying paper towels and napkins; we've been using just straight-up dishtowels in place of napkins, but that's a lot of fabric to hold in your lap. this is kind of a happy medium. they're softer than cloth napkins you buy at the store, a bit smaller, and a lot cheaper.
good cheap sewing machine