Good Chance Popiah Eating House
Blk 149 Silat Ave #01-58 Singapore 160149  Tel: 6271 0698
With Over 30 years of experience Specialising in Popiah and Hokkien Cuisine.

Good Chance Popiah Eating House was founded 30 years ago. Previously located at Telok Ayer Street, now you can find us at Silat Ave #01-58 (opposite Singapore General Hospital).  

It's a family-run eatery specialised in Hokkien Popiah. Good Chance is famous for their "roll-it-yourself" popiah. In the old days, preparing popiah at home for extended family gathering was a laborious, communal affair. All the prepared fillings and condiments are laid out and every would "DIY" their own big and fat rolls of popiah.

Good Chance also serves restaurant dishes like stewed pork belly with buns (kong bak pao), fried Hokkien mee, steamed fish, stirfried veggies, etc. It's a perfect place where you can get the finest popiah and Hokkien dishes to indulge in.

Good Chance's staffs are well-trained with excellent customer service to ensure that you will always feel comfortable and well-served when you dine with us.