About the App

Do a good deed each day to help make the world a better place! Droiditarian helps by recommending good things to do, and showing you fellow good-deed-doers nearby!

Get the app!

If you have a barcode scanner, scan this QR code to get the app. Or you can search 'droiditarian' in the market.

Get a New Good Deed Daily

Each day you will receive a new good deed idea. You can see all recent deeds at any time.

Favorite and Complete Deeds

You can mark deeds as favorite (and they will show up in your favorites view), and check off that you have done a good deed. 

When you check off a deed you have the option to snap a picture so others can see your good deed in action.

Also, you can email the deed to a friend to share the ideas and spread good deeds.

Check Out the Good Deeds Map

You can see other people's recently-done good deeds on a map. Check out where people are changing the world!

See Your Favorites

At any time, you can see a list of all of the deeds you have favorited.

Special Thanks

 - Yelena Kozlova: for the graphic design work on the app - 

Spread the good deeds!