Finding the right bait is crucial for success.

The term "Good Bait" has multiple definitions.

good bait for men

Fishing with good bait optimizes chances of success. Trappers of wild animals use good bait made specifically for attracting their prey. An example would be the extraction of beaver castor which is smeared or applied to trees around a trap site.

Chumming is good bait for sharks. Fishermen often deploy this method of dumping fish heads, blood and pieces over the back of a moving boat. This can draw sharks for miles around and then it may be possible to catch them on sport fishing tackle.

Men will buy a fancy car or truck with the intent of having "good bait" to draw the ladies attention. Women also deploy good bait in the form of enlarged breasts and a fit body. They know most men are attracted to this.

Being fit and healthy is good bait for the opposite sex.

It is rooted in our genes to breed with the strong and fit. In the wild animals will battle to show their strength, and to insure only the strongest will re-populate the species. It is not natural to breed with the sick and weak which happens in the human population. This has added to the amount of bad genes being passed along from one generation to the next. Modern medicine can now track family health issues and prepare for possible re-occurrence of health problems in siblings and relatives.

Sport fishermen will use many different tactics. Having good bait or not can make the difference in winning a major sport fishing tournament. Live bait is a popular choice for many. The fish's diet will determine which bait is best. It is common to use worms, frogs ,small fish, and insects. Sometimes a lure is the best bait to catch a particular species of fish.

Having good bait is also used in internet marketing. Offers of free stuff will draw the attention of users.

Some examples of good bait.

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