Best Bait

effective good bait marketing

Having the best bait can take some thinking

"out-side of the box".

For example some fishermen will spray their lures with a compound called WD40. It is an industrial lubricator. They think it contains fish by-products, and some claim it has an attraction for some species of fish. Actual fish oil will prduce better results. The best bait can change with related variables. Seasonal diet change and availability of food will make fish migrate. Also when they move inland for spawning. Others will cross oceans to find the bait they seek.

Money is often a good lure or bait to draw premium job candidates to fill a position. Job perks, vacations and material things are also used to "bait" prospective business partnerships and deals.

For others the simple offering of buying them a beer, will bait them into being around. Having good bait is the knowledge to know what the intended target desires.

Plastic surgery has seen a tremendous increase in people wanting to be "good bait", attractive to others. Breast implants, fat reduction, nose re-sizing and lip Botox are common operations performed. Even with the chance of bad side-effects, people are willing to under-go the procedures.

In Holly Wood, being attractive or "good bait" to the opposite, or same sex can have huge rewards. A 5 thousand dollar breast enhancement could help land a lucrative contract. Others simply do it as a ego or self esteem builder. Men also use Botox injected in various places for "enhancement". For some women the best bait they have for men, is the offer of sex later. Others can bait men with their good cooking and hygiene.

Getting to know people on a personal level reveals things that the person feels strongly about the most. Finding the best bait for the individual becomes easier with some inside knowledge. The internet gathers users search entries and utilizes the information to gather the best bait for ad campaigns. Marketing companies will share allowed information to show case their products. TV commercials show amazing feats and computer generated images to help bait consumers to buy their products. Having an effective marketing campaign can "make or break" a company.

Fancy cars, boats, yachts, planes, jets, homes, mansions and other material possessions can all be used as "Good Bait".

Again it is up to the individual which bait works best.

In the housing market a contractor could offer a New Prefab House erected rather than construction of a regular house. Price and time of completion could be good bait to market the prefabricated dwelling.

Good music is "good bait for the soul"

Many enjoy listening or playing music. A night at a concert or musical event can be good bait to draw attendance.

The super bowl coverage is irresistible good bait for marketers. With millions of viewers around the world. It is hard to find a better place to bait a large audience.