CHSTU 101- Introduction to Chican@ Studies

Class: M,W 1:30-3:20

Sections: F 12:30-1:20(AA) & 1:30-2:20(AB&AC)

Thomson 135

Instructor: Gonzalo Guzman

Office Hours: Padelford B504, Monday 12:20-1:20 or by Appointment


Online Readings:

Week 1- E Pluribus Hispanic & Idenitity Politics, Same Roots, Latino Identity?

Week 2- The Conquest: Omens Foretelling the Conquest, The Spaniards Entry into Tenochtitlan", The Spirtual Conquest, The Battles of Tenochtitlan and Tlatelolco"

Week 3- The Spanish Colionial Project & Begginning of a New Social Order and Culture

Week 4- Pueblos and Mexican Nationaislism

Week 5- The Mexican American War and the Birth of A New but Old People

Week 6- The Second Mexican American War and the American Social Order

Week 7- The Great Migration

Week 8- The Chican@ Movement

Week 9- The Hispanic Decade?

Week 10- Education, Immigration, and the birth of a new majority-minority


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Course Description:  The course will examine the historical development of the Mexican community in the United States.  The Mexican historical experience will be presented within the context of U.S. and Mexico history.  The objective will be to describe and explain time and place specific variations in the socio-cultural incorporation of the Mexican community, as a national minority and bottom segment of the working class.  The course will address change and continuity as we give emphasis to the themes of racialized social relations; work; migration; community and diplomatic trans-border relations; social struggles; constructed group identities; and the process of historical production. 


Ocuppied America By Rodolfo Acuna

George Washington Gomez By Americo Parades

Testimonio By F. Arturo Rosales

Foreigners in Their Native Land By David J. Webber(ed.)

Readings from course website under Online Readings


Important Documents:

Quiz 2 Review

Quiz 1 Review


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Extra Credit Opprotunities:

Luis Alberto Urrea Lecture(Oct, 22 2008) 

Analysis-Signicance to Whom?