Journey to Teaching


In my future life I will be one of the people who make a difference in the education of many students. I am an individual who encourages everyone to continue their education to have a better future. My teaching philosophy is based on progressivism and reconstructionism. I strongly agree with progressives’ way for teaching students “how to think not what to think” (Educational Philosophies). Progressives believe education should be focused on the child as a learner rather than on the subject. I also believe that the teacher should be the guide for the students but at the same time let the students think for themselves. This philosophy pushes supportive group learning activities rather than individualized learning. I am also a reconstructionism because I believe that education should be society-centered along with child-centered education. Reconstructive thinkers believe that “students and teachers must not only take positions in society they must also become change agents to improve society.” Teachers and students should change in many aspects to become a better people. This curriculum is based on social issues and social services. My teaching philosophy is progressivism, some reconstructionism, my role as a teacher in the classroom and the community, and role of the parents and the students.  

As a progressivism thinker my teaching philosophy is child-centered learning. The teacher has to think on how the students can learn the lesson and not only think of what lesson should be taught. The teacher should worry about whether or not the students comprehended the lecture completely. As a teacher I would like to teach my students the materials so that everyone understands. If I have any doubt that my students did not learn a lesson I will re-teach what was not grasped. In this philosophy students are given choices to pick from, instead of the teacher telling the students straight forward what their topic is. I want my students to have several topics to choose from, when doing an essay. I believe that children learn better from one another instead of by themselves. This is another reason why I believe in the progressivism philosophy. As a teacher I will provide my students sufficient information so that they will have enough facts to comprehend the lecture thoroughly. As John Dewey (Neil, 2005) said, “We can have facts without thinking but we cannot have thinking without facts.” As a reconstructive thinker my teaching philosophy is society-centered learning. I want to treat all my students in the same way, with no discrimination or differences among their social classes. As a future teacher I want my students to learn as much as possible about the society they live in. A reconstructivism believes that no class should be ignored and students should know what is happening in their society. This philosophy is very critical for our culture these days because, students and teachers must not only take positions, they must also become change agents to improve society. Most of my family did not make their way through college and sometimes not even high school, because of the need to sustaining them selves at a young age. Yet, I have been one of the first in my family to go to college. William James (2007) quoted, Begin to be now what you will be hereafter.” So I, as a student and future teacher, have already succeeded at becoming a change agent. I want to be the one to teach my students something that they will need later on in their lives.

As a future teacher my role is to teach all my students equally, no matter what their differences are in class, race, or abilities. I have to make sure I’m always on time, prepared and well presented for my class. I will need to accommodate those who may need special assistance or extra help. I would like to be cheerful and full of enthusiasm everyday so that my students can look up to me. I want to use a variety of teaching methods so my students are excited and pleased in learning. I see my classroom full of colors with posters on the walls, seats arranged in groups, and my desk in a corner. I hope to achieve a method of teaching, the material required, in a variety of ways that all my students can learn successfully. I will try my best to show while explaining to my students as many visual aids that I may need to get through the lesson. For instance, I will help out the students that may need extra help. I will give the students that have no difficulties with a lesson, challenging assignments. Another way for the students to learn is to have many centers in my room like reading, math, science, and a computer center, which will give them the opportunity to review and practice the material. My main goal is to have my students pass on to the next grade level successfully.

In the community my role is to keep myself up to date daily on local and world wide news. I should be aware of any meetings the school may have or the community I work in. As a teacher, at times I should participate in my community activities, and in extra curricular activities inside or outside my school. The teacher should also be up to date with any new information on education that might have recently been released to educators. Also, I want my students to have some kind of notion on what’s happening in the world around them and what will be expected of them in the future.

        The parents’ role is to make sure their child completes his or her homework everyday and assignments. Even though parents should not have to teach their child at home they should help them when they need to or whenever possible. This help’s the child clear up any confusion they could have on the lessons taught in class. The parents should write in their childs’ agenda any questions or concerns they can have for me regarding their child or what going on in the classroom. Along with their signature making sure they completed their homework. This way I can stay in contact with every childs’ parent or guardian. A parent should consider volunteering

to come in to help out with anything so that they are aware of their childs learning environment and their interactions with classmates. Some other times they could come in would be during any field trips we may have, in the course of the year. Throughout my explanation of what I will expect parents’ role to be, I kept my philosophy as a reconstructionism in mind. I said the parents’ can come in my classroom as volunteers and help out, as well as go on field trip with the class.

The student’s role is to come prepared to class by having a good breakfast, getting a good night sleep and having their homework completed everyday. But I know that everyday of the week this will not happen. Students can forget their homework at home or simply not do it at times. I will have a rewards program where my students could earn stars everyday aside for the points the homework is worth. Then at the end of a term the students that have the most amounts of stars will get a prize. This way my students will want to complete their assignments on time. Students will have pop quizzes during the week on different topics and have chapter test every week on new lessons. By doing this I will know how many students have learned the lesson. Then I can determine to continue with a new lesson the following week or simply go back and review. While writing what I think my students’ role should be, I am showing my beliefs as a progressivism thinker.

        This is my teaching philosophy thinking as a progressivism and a reconstuctivism. I believe my students should be in an environment surrounded with child-centered and society-centered learning. As a future teacher I want to take into considerations both philosophies throughout the school years. Even though I know all my expectations of the parents’ and the students’ role will not always come into effect, I still want to make the assumption that these roles will be met. If the goals are met, then my classroom will become more successful, with everyone being a part of it. I will not discriminate against any child, no matter what. Once William James (2007) said, “Do something everyday for no other reason than you would rather not do it, so that when the hour of dire need draws nigh, it may find you not unnerved and untrained to stand the test.” My teaching philosophy will be narrowed down to “how to think not what to think” (Educational Philosophies). Also having my entire class pass onto the next grade level, with all the required material learned, along with an idea of what’s going on around them, to utilize it in the future.

        I remember when I was a child I always dreamed of being a teacher some day. As my son started to grow up I have always implemented reading books to him. Other things I love to do with him is spend time where he can join other children his age, making friends, and building his social skills. I believe that with my current knowledge of being a teacher my son has the best mother he could possibly have.