Web Servers Developed

Bio-AIMS Web Servers
More recently, we have implemented a web portal BioAIMS with freely-available tools based on MARCH-INSIDE and automatically synchronized with RCSB Protein Data Bank (PDB). Some selected publications and links related to these servers are: 
Server 1.
Non-Linear MARCH-INSIDE Nested Drug-Bank Exploration& Screening Tool
Reference: H González-Díaz, F Prado-Prado, E Sobarzo-Sánchez, M Haddad, S Maurel-Chevalley, A Valentin, J Quetin-Leclercq, MA Dea-Ayuela, MT Gomez-Muños, CR Munteanu, JJ Torres-Labandeira, X García-Mera, RA Tapia, FM Ubeira, NL MIND-BEST: a web server for ligands & proteins discovery; theoretic-experimental study of proteins of Giardia lamblia and new compounds active against Plasmodium falciparum, Journal of Theoretical Biology, 276(1):229-249 (2011) [online] [Web Tool]
Server 3.
Linear MARCH-INSIDE Nested Drug-Bank Exploration& Screening Tool
Reference: González-Díaz H; Prado-Prado F; García-Mera X; Alonso N; Abeijón P; Caamaño O; Yáñez M; Munteanu CR; Pazos A; Dea-Ayuela MA; Gómez-Muñoz MT; Garijo MM; Sansano J; Ubeira FM, MIND-BEST: Web server for drugs and target discovery; design, synthesis, and assay of MAO-B inhibitors and theoretical-experimental study of G3PDH protein from Trichomonas gallinae, Journal of Proteome Research 10(4), 1698-718 (2011) [online] [Web Tool]
Server 5.
Trypanosome Protein-Protein Interactions
Trypano-PPI Logo
Reference: Y Rodriguez-Soca, CR Munteanu, J Dorado, A Pazos, FJ Prado-Prado, and H González-Díaz, Trypano-PPI: A Web Server for Prediction of Unique Targets in Trypanosome Proteome by using Electrostatic Parameters of Protein-Protein Interactions, J. Proteome Res.9(2), 1182–1190 (2010) [online]
Server 7.
LIpid-Binding Proteins Prediction
LIBPpred Logo
Reference: H González-Díaz, CR Munteanu, L Postelnicu, F Prado-Prado, M Gestal, A Pazos, LIBP-Pred: Web Server for Lipid Binding Proteins using Structural Network Parameters; PDB Mining of Human Cancer Biomarkers and Drug Targets in Parasites and Bacteria, Molecular BioSystems, (2012) 2012, 8, 851-862. [online] [Web Tool]
This web site have been developed in collaboration with Munteanu C.R. (IPP researcher), Department of Information and Communication Technologies (TIC) at Computer Science Faculty, University of A Coruña (UDC), Spain.
Server 2.
Plasmodium Protein-Protein Interactions
Plasmod-PPI Logo
Reference: Y. Rodriguez-Soca, C.R. Munteanu, J. Dorado, J.Rabuñal, A. Pazos and H. González-Díaz, Plasmod-PPI: a web-server predicting complex biopolymer targets in Plasmodium with entropy measures of protein-protein interactions, Polymer (2010) 51, 264-273. [online] [Server]
Server 4.
ATCUNDNA-cleavage protein activity Prediction
ATCUNpred Logo
Reference: C.R Munteanu, J.M. Vázquez, J.Dorado, A.Pazos, A. Sánchez-González, F.J. Prado-Prado and H. González-Díaz, Complex Network Spectral Moments for ATCUN Motif DNA Cleavage: First Predictive Study on Proteins of Human Pathogen Parasites, Journal of Proteome Research (2009) 8, 5219-528. [online] [Server]
Server 6.
Enzyme Class Prediction
EnzClassPred Logo
Reference: R. Concu, M.A. Dea-Ayuela, L.G. Perez-Montoto, F.J. Prado-Prado, E. Uriarte, F. Bolás-Fernández, G. Podda, A. Pazos, C.R. Munteanu, F.M. Ubeira, and H. González-Díaz, 3D Entropy & Moments Prediction of Enzyme Classes and Experimental-Theoretic Study of Peptide Fingerprints in Leishmania Parasites, BBA Proteins & Proteomics, (2009) 1794(12), 1784–1794. [online] [Server]
Server 8.
MARCH-INSIDE Spectral moment prediction of Self Proteins in Human Parasites
MISSProt-HP logo
Reference: González-Díaz H; Muiño L; Anadón AM; Romaris F; Prado-Prado FJ; Munteanu CR; Dorado J; Pazos A; Mezo M; González-Warleta M; Gárate T; Ubeira FM, MISS-Prot: web server for self/non-self discrimination of protein residue networks in parasites; theory and experiments in Fasciola peptides and Anisakis allergens, Molecular BioSystems 7(6), 1938-55, (2011)