González-Díaz, H. (Hompage)





Drug-Target Networks; Proteomics & Protein Interaction Networks (PINs); Reaction Networks in Organic Synthesis and Reactomics, Metabolomics, Metabolic Pathway Networks; RNA Co-expression Networks; Genomics, Microarrays, and Gene networks; Diseasomes & Drug-Disease, Drug-Pathogen, Parasite-Host, and Epidemic Networks; Neuroinformatics & Cerebral Cortex networks.  






Development of Models, Algorithms, Software, and Web servers for Computer-Aided Drug Design (CADD); Drug Targets & Biomarkers Discovery; Sequence Alignment, RNA & Proteins 3D/2D Structure-Function Relationships prediction.
Statistical analysis of biological data; Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA); Multivariate Linear Regression (MLR); General Linear Models (GLM); Principal Component Analysis (PCA); Cluster Analysis; etc.
Machine Learning, Bio-inspired Algorithms: Artificial Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Artificial Immune Systems, Swarm Intelligence.