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Parents Council of Washington

The Parents Council of Washington (PCW) is a non-profit organization established in 1964 to foster communication within the greater Washington, D.C. independent school community. Our goal is to promote excellence in education by building a network among independent schools and their parent communities through cutting-edge programs that provide opportunities to share ideas, practices and information. Our unique relationship with our member schools and our outstanding programs place us at the forefront of issues facing the local independent school community.

Gonzaga Mothers Club is a member of the PCW.  For questions please contact GMC Parents' Council Liaison Theresa DeGioia at parentscouncil@gonzagamothers.org.  

Other ways that Gonzaga parents can take advantage of Gonzaga’s PCW membership:
  • Click on the link Parents Council of Washington for resources about educating and raising children. Read commentaries by headmasters from local schools.
  • Watch the following webinars on the PCW website. Go to Resources and select Webinars. Subscription validation code is WRAV28JE. 
    •  Anxious, Stressed and Over-Scheduled? (for parents/educators of children ages 5-12)
    • The Battle Against Bullying (for parents/educators of teens ages 13-18)
    • Brain Chemistry and Impact of Alcohol (for parents/educators of teens ages 13-18)
    • Developmentally Appropriate Technology (parents/educators of children ages 5-12)