The Gonzaga Mothers' Club is open to mothers and guardians of Gonzaga Students, and those friends and benefactors of the School who wish to participate in or contribute to the Mothers’ Club Activities.
The Mothers' Club sponsors several activities at Gonzaga, including Freshmen and transfer students parents luncheon, Christmas Gala, the Mother-Son Mass, and get acquainted parties around the Metro area.

The GMC meets on the second Wednesday of the month in the Lower Commons / cafeteria 
The Social @ 6:30, Meeting @ 7:00 pm
Please bring donations for the McKenna CenterWSG to any meeting.

GMC News & Announcements

  • Volunteer for Faculty Treats Friday April 10th

    You have been invited by Sharon Persinski and Hazel Lychak to sign up for 
    "April 2015 Faculty Treats." 
    Please click here  to view the online sign up sheet. 

    Posted Mar 20, 2015, 11:00 AM by Gonzaga MothersClub

     The Gonzaga International Food Fair

    Wednesday, April 15, 2015




    All Gonzaga families are asked to provide an ethnic main dish, side dish, vegetable/salad, chicken wing or sub sandwich platter and bring it to the Carmody Center Wednesday, April 15th 

    where it will be sold to students, faculty and staff at lunchtime to benefit the Modern Language Department. 

    Food from over 50 countries will be available and dishes from any cuisine or country are needed to fill the tables of the International Food Fair.    


    Over 100 parent volunteers are needed to help sell wristbands, warm and serve food and clean up. Please use Sign-Up Genius to see what you can bring and to volunteer for a few hours.


    ·       Food Donations: SIGN UP HERE

    ·       To Volunteer: SIGN UP HERE

    ·       Questions:  E-mail us at


    Please fully cook the meal in a disposable, ½-pan aluminum pan (approx. 10”x12”) label it with name of food, country of origin and serving instructions.  

    Please send a dish for 12-20 students to school fully cooked, defrosted and warm. We will keep it warm until lunchtime in chafing dishes.  Each dish should serve 12-20 students. 

    We will provide plastic utensils, paper products and dessert crepes. Drinks will be available from Sage Food Service.


    Be sure to send $10 cash (small bills) with your son April 15 which will cover a meal, a drink and dessert.  


    Thank you, Suzanne Dowd and Erin Donovan, International Food Fair Co-Chairs



    Please CLICK HERE to print and complete this form and return to your son’s language teacher by April 7 for extra credit.

     Firt, sign up at link above. Then fill out this form and send with son to teacher for extra credit.


    I will prepare for 12-20 (circle one):

    Main Dish          Side Dish       Vegetable/Salad     Chicken Wings          Sub sandwiches


    Name of Dish: _________________________________Country:__________________________


    Family Name:  _____________________________________ Son:_________________________


    Parent Email Address:  ___________________________________Phone:___________________


    Language Teacher:  ___________________________________


    Posted Mar 19, 2015, 11:16 AM by Gonzaga MothersClub
  • Mentoring New Families in 2015-2016 SY
    Remember when you were new to Gonzaga?  Perhaps with your first child in high school?  The simplest things can feel overwhelming!  

    Please consider guiding a few new moms through the process by offering to answer questions and provide information.  Often these questions are as simple as "What kind of shoes do the boys wear?" 

    All it takes to provide that support is one phone call during the summer, and another during the fall, to reach out and connect with a new mom.  You can answer any immediate questions, share some of our Gonzaga friendliness, and leave your contact information for future questions.  

    Its so easy, yet makes such a big difference.

    To volunteer to mentor 4 or 5 families, please CLICK HERE.
    Posted Mar 12, 2015, 11:34 AM by Gonzaga MothersClub
  • Senior Moms - Important Info
    Senior Meeting Night
    There will be a Senior Parents Meeting on Thursday, March 12th at 7:00 PM in the cafeteria. The purpose of this evening is to address the transitional issues that will arise over the next several months as your son prepares to depart for college. This meeting is especially helpful for parents who are going through this process for the first time (of course, all parents are welcome). The evening is designed to help foster the process of separation and letting go. Hopefully it will also help reduce anxiety and increase communication between you and your son.

    Class of 2015 T-Shirts

    The Class of 2015 shirts are ready to be ordered - 
    CLICK HERE -beginning March 2nd-March 16th. (if a code is needed, use smith5vj)  
    Thanks to the talented Matt Green, the shirts feature the iconic Gonzaga Bell Tower with #11 in the front of the tower as well as the clock face. The number eleven represents the year the boys started their journey at Gonzaga and also honors the beloved Dominik Pettey who wore #11 jersey. The back of the shirt features the names of all the seniors. The side sleeve has AMDG as well as Dom's initials DLP. There are three choices of shirts: long sleeved dry fit, long sleeved cotton- both purple. There is also a short sleeve white cotton T shirt. The proceeds of the shirt sales will go towards the class gift to the school.  If you have any questions, please contact Amy May at  Go to "Senior Corner" on panel along left side to view the T shirt design.

    Posted Mar 12, 2015, 10:49 AM by Gonzaga MothersClub
  • Volunteer Opportunity for Mothers & Sons at DC Diaper Bank 3/15/15
    DC Diaper Bank Volunteer Opportunity

    Thank you to everyone who donated diapers, money and other baby items to the annual Men for Others Diaper Drive
    We were able to deliver 12,865 diapers to their warehouse in Silver Spring, MD. 
    They say Gonzaga's drive is one of their biggest drives all year!  They were so grateful. 
    You can learn more about the DC Diaper Bank at
    As a companion event to the Annual Men for Others Diaper Drive, 
    there will be an opportunity for mothers and sons 
    to volunteer together at the DC Diaper Bank on Sunday, March 15th
    Please join us for an opportunity to get to know the Bank better and gain a deeper insight into its work. 

    Posted Mar 11, 2015, 8:26 AM by Gonzaga MothersClub
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