GMC Leadership Board, Chair Guidelines and Constitution

Leadership and Constitution
2017-2018 Gonzaga Mothers Club Board of Directors

Mary Penny, President
Kathy Kirvan, Vice President     Susan Kiley, Vice President

Nancy Travis, Secretary      Susan Marcille, Treasurer

Hazel Lychak, Communications

Mia DeWitt, Webmaster     Laura Brockwell, Ex-Officio
 Rev. Stephen W. Planning, S.J., Moderator 

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Position/ChairBoard MemberEmail
Position/ChairBoard MemberEmail
Baccalaureate 2018 Lisa Dougherty 
Baccalaureate 2018 Jennifer Winters 
Baccalaureate 2018 Mary Zinsner 
Back-to-School Night Trish O'Malley 
Back-to-School Night Wendy Phillips 
Bake Sales Coordinator Mary Knapp 
Christmas Gala Chair Kim Howland 
Christmas Gala Chair Maggie Sinnott Mejia 
Christmas Gala Treasurer Shannon Seay 
Eagles' Wings Class Rep Nori Buising 
Eagles' Wings Class Rep Maya Shackley 
Eagles' Wings Class Rep Denise Siciliano 
Faculty Treats Maria Cindea 
Faculty Treats Kristen Kilguss 
Family Support Harriet Winslow 
Freshman Class Liaison Eden Brown Gaines 
Freshman Class Liaison Celeste McGlaughlin 
Freshman Retreat Julia Cashmere 
Freshman Retreat Patty Jaicks 
Freshman Retreat Lisa Opipari-Arrigan 
Freshman Retreat Lori Sundsted 
Get Acquainted Parties Maria Borjas 
Get Acquainted Parties Gerry Gretschel 
GMC Closet Lisa Gossart 
GMC Closet Trina Meyer 
GMC Meetings Hospitality Joan Baughan 
GMC Meetings Hospitality Anne Ghattas 
GMC Meetings Hospitality Honora Precourt 
Gonzaga/Visitation Activities Diane Tomb 
Ignatian Reflection & Prayer Group Anne Barsanti Griffith 
International Food Fair Stephanie McMahon  
International Food Fair Lauren Malone 
International Food Fair Jenny Marvis 
Junior Class Liaison Eden Brown Gaines 
Junior Class Liaison Martha Marrapese 
Kairos Retreat Hospitality Stacia Todd 
Kairos Retreats Hospitality Teri Francese 
Kairos Retreats Hospitality Erin Fisher 
Kairos Retreats Hospitality Jessica Koenig 
McKenna Center & Service Erin Donovan 
McKenna Center & Service Morgean Hirt 
McKenna Center & Service Valerie Jopeck 
McKenna Centre & Service Michelle Aldridge 
Membership Gerry Gretschel 
Mother-Son Celebration Reedy Mahoney 
Mother-Son Celebration Kristen Allen 
Mother-Son Celebration  Diane Tomb 
Mother-Son Celebration Diane Begala 
New Mothers' Luncheon  Chris Normile 
New Mothers' Luncheon  Kristin Russell 
New Mothers' Luncheon  Jean Schlesinger 
Parents' Council of Washington Theresa DeGioia 
Parent-Teacher Conferences Parent Hospitality Stacey Brown 
Parent-Teacher Conferences Parent Hospitality Jill Gatti 
Photo Contest Carola Williamson 
Photo Coordinator Mindy Johannessen 
PTC Faculty Dinners Laura Tramonte 
PTC Faculty Dinners April Egge 
PTC Faculty Dinners Kristina Gill 
Senior Class Liaison  Mary Goodyear 
Senior Class Liaison  Barbara Mulligan 
Sophomore Class Liaison Mindy Johannessen 
Sophomore Class Liaison Elizabeth Richardson 
Summer Send-Off Faculty Luncheon Julia Docking 
Summer Send-Off Faculty Luncheon Sarah Feighery 
Thanksgiving Reception Colleen Mudlaff 
Thanksgiving Reception Maureen Thomas 
Welcome Back Faculty Lunch Kristen Loesch 
Welcome Back Faculty Lunch Elaina O'Toole 
Welcome New Families Picnic Kim Howland 
Welcome New Families Picnic Josie Militello 
Welcome New Family Picnic Susan Macyko 
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