Each year, the Gonzaga Mothers Club, in cooperation with the Headmaster's Office, awards summer stipends to members of the Gonzaga faculty and staff to fund special projects. Faculty and staff members submit proposals which are reviewed by the GMC Executive Board and the Gonzaga Headmaster. Awards are made based on the merits of each proposal and availability of funds. A list of recent grant recipients and their projects appears below.

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YearFaculty/Staff MemberTitle of Project
YearFaculty/Staff MemberTitle of Project
2016 Adrian Oryshkevych Western European Track 
2016 Andrew Shea Gamification in the Classroom 
2016 Barbara Nierman Fencing Club Resources on Canvas 
2016 Colleen Emory Graston Technique- M2 Advanced Training Sports Medicine 
2016 Conrad Singh Council for Advancement and Support Education- Marketing & Branding 
2016 David Cho Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Academy for Music Educators 
2016 Debbie Onufrychuk fNational Assoc. of School Nurse Annual Conferenc 
2016 Ed Donnellan "Picture of the Role Slavery Played in the Dev. of the U.S." 
2016 Harry Risetto Jesuit Relief Services Course Development 
2016 Jennifer Carter Independent Summer 
2016 Jessica Pane Anxiety Support Group for Seniors 
2016 John Kilroy Trip to Seville, Spain: Culture, Language Immersion, Service, Soccer 
2016 Katherine Murphy Social Justice Class with the McKenna Center 
2016 Matt Duffy 3-D Base Camp (SketchUp 3-D Modeling 
2016 Maureen Garvis Foundations of Teaching for Learning 
2016 Maureen McLaughlin Impact Therapy Training; Teen Suicide Info and Prevention Workshop 
2016 Paul Hamm Scientific Inquiry & the Nature of Science; Teacher Leadership 
2016 Peggy Lynch Trainers Symposium, Impact Test Webinar, Kinesio Taping 
2016 Peggy Metcalf Teddy Roosevelt & FDR: their significant contribution to American history 
2016 Priscilla Flynn Adobe Photo Shop Course 
2016 Shannon Berry Project Based Learning for Multiple Intelligences 
2015 Alexia Gino-Saliba; Modern Languages Language Trip to France 
2015 Ariel Laguilles - Modern Languages Creation of Course Reader for Independent Tutorial in Modern Language: Ignatian Spirituality & Spanish Culture - The Camino de Santiago 
2015 Carmen Fitzsimmons -Campus Ministry Alumni Service Corp Retreat 
2015 Carol Corgan - Religious Studies Materials for All-School Memorial of Jesuit Martyrs on/near November 16 
2015 Debra Onufrychu - Student Services, School Nurse National Association of School Nurses Annual Conference 
2015 Edward Donnellan - Social Studies A Conspiracy for God Conference 
2015 Eli Clarke - Counseling Independent College Trip 
2015 Harry Rissetto - Religious Studies Sustaining Agreement Survey 
2015 Jennifer Carter - Fine Arts Language Trip to France 
2015 Jessica Pane Year 2 of 2 Contemplative Leaders In Action 
2015 Michael Hanagan - Asst. Dean of Students Certification in Facial Action Coding System 
2015 Patrick Sullivan - Religious Studies Analyzing Various Homework Strategies & Correlative Effectiveness 
2015 Paul Hamm - Science GMU Class - Inquiry into Practice 
2015 Penny Lynch - Athletic Trainer Mid-Atlantic Athletic Trainers Convention 
2015 Scott Walker - Mathematics Exploration, Evaluation and Creation of a new Gonzaga Freshman Placement Exam in Geometry 
2015 Stephen Szolosi, Chaplain, Campus Ministry The Wire Choir- guitar instruction 
2015 Tim Christmann and Marivi Mata - Modern Languages Modern Language Dept Peruvian Spanish Immersian Trip 
2014 Allan L'Etoile Revising the Writing Project 
2014 Barbara M. Nierman Capital Area Fencing League 
2014 Colleen Emory CSCS Trainer Certification 
2014 Debbie Onufrychuk NASN Conference: Education, Motivation & Inspiration 
2014 Dr. Harry Rissetto Curriculum Development & Interdepartmental Project on WWII and the Holocaust 
2014 Jessica Pane Contemplatives in Action 
2014 Maureen McLaughlin World Community for Christian Meditation Seminar 
2014 Mr. Tim Christmann & Mrs. Marivi Mata Modern Language Dept's Summer Trip to Costa Rica 2014 
2014 Paul Buckley 2014 AP Annual Conference, Philadelphia 
2014 Penny Lynch Sports Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning Courses 
2014 Sarah Miller Tolkien and Oxford Seminar 
2014 Scott Waller Freshman Math Placement Exam Analysis 
2014 Stacy Richardson College Couseling 
2014 Stephen M. Szolosi  Ignatian Pilgrimage Plans 
2014 Thomas Baker Transporting Artists into the Classroom 
2013 Alexia Gino-Saliba Trip to France with Gonzaga students 
2013 Alexia Gino-Saliba Preparation for Independent Study Course in France 
2013 Ariel Laguilles Spanish Immersion Trip to Spain with Gonzaga Students 
2013 Barbara Nierman Fencing Coaching and Technique Development Instruction  
2013 Debra Onufrychuk Advances in School Nursing Conference 
2013 Harry Rissetto Design and implement an online blended learning course called The Jesuit Course on (Almost) Everything 
2013 Jenn Carter Impressionist Journey to France with Gonzaga students to learn the French language and culture 
2013 John Heetderks Developing a new curriculum, syllabus and lab guide to address changes in the AP Chemistry curriculum 
2013 Katie Murphy Developing a curriculum that guides students in conflict analysis and conflict transformation skills from a Catholic virtue ethics framework 
2013 Leslie Keiser/Faculty Day of Prayer Speaker and equipment 
2013 Maureen McLaughlin Counseling course at Catholic University and Contemplative prayer class-formation and teaching for Gonzaga students 
2013 Penny Lynch Conference on Sports injuries and concussions 
2013 Scott Waller Exploration, evaluation and creation of a new Gonzaga Freshman Mathematics Placement Exam in Algebra 
2012 Andrew Battaile UVA Course 
2012 Ariel Laguilles Student Spanish Trip 
2012 Brian Larkin WZAG Operations Manual 
2012 Debra Onufrychuk 2012 Nat'l School Nurse Conference 
2012 Eli Clark Harvard Summer Institute 
2012 Elizabeth Lewis Practical Course for Spanish  
2012 Harry Rissetto Curriculum Development, Sophomore Religion 
2012 John Heetderks Curriculum Development, AP Biology 
2012 Kevin Jacobsen Internship GW/WJA 
2012 Leslie Keiser and Barbara Neirman Curriculum Development 
2012 Marc Mandel AP Annual Conference 
2012 Matthew Duffy 3 Projects/3 Interns 
2012 Maureen McLaughlin Continuing Education & Leadership Program, Counseling Department 
2012 Sarah Miller Developing Course Book for Irish Literature 
2012 Tom Every Character Matters Conference 
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