Corinne Cannon, daughter of Gonzaga English teacher Rick Cannon, founded the DC Diaper Bank to meet a great need here in our own community.  Diapers are an expensive necessity not covered by SNAP or food stamps.  Without sufficient diapers there is real suffering for both babies and parents.  By donating diapers or money to the DC Diaper Bank, you can help give immediate comfort and assistance to those in need.
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Thank you to our boys from DC Diaper Bank!

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On March 4th, a group of Gonzaga Men for Others representing the classes of 2017, 2018, and 2020 (plus some siblings and Gonzaga Moms) went to the DC Diaper Bank to support the recent Gonzaga Diaper Drive. In less than two hours, these young men broke down mixed pallets of diapers, configured new pallets of wrapped diapers, cleaned and helped organize the warehouse, and STILL had time to bundle over 6200 diapers before they were done. Impressive work, guys! 

Mother Son Service - Diaper Bundling - 3/4/17 - 10AM til 12NOON

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Over 5,000 diapers were delivered this weekend to the D.C. Diaper Bank. Thank you to everyone who participated! 

Please sign up for the Mother/Son Bundling Event on Saturday, March 4th at DC Diaper Bank warehouse for a mother-son bundling event on
 Sign up for a slot (mother-son pair) 

Donations are always accepted online through Amazon or monetary donations


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The DC Diaper Bank is looking forward to welcoming the Gonzaga HS Eagles' Wings and Current Moms & Sons 

for a day of service working on inventory and packing diapers - DIAPER BANK BUNDLING!

Please wear comfy shoes and layers -- it can get warm/cool in the warehouse. 

Please also bring a bottle of water. 

Little ones are welcome and there is a play space. 

We are very excited to have you join us in this work to help families and babies in our community!  

 To sign up, please click here.

Sunday, March 4th,  10AM - 12NOON

DC Diaper Bank Warehouse

8858 Monard Drive

Silver Spring, MD 


NOTE: Please park opposite the loading docks.



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Annual Men for Others Diaper Drive 

February 2-9, 2017

Please encourage your son to participate! 

Sizes 4, 5 & 6 are particularly needed.  All diapers collected will be donated to the D.C. Diaper Bank which provides a monthly average of 75,000 diapers to 2,500 D.C. area families. 

 This year our goal is 16,000 diapers

If every family sends in one pack with your son, we will meet this ambitious goal! 

Diapers can be dropped off in the Upper and Lower Commons and in the rotunda of Ruetsch from 2/2-2/9. 

We love it when the boys bring in the diapers themselves, but if you wish to you can also donate cash directly to DC Diapers and they will buy the diapers by clicking here. Please note "Gonzaga."

You can also purchase diapers on Amazon to be sent directly to DC Diaper Bank by clicking here. Again, please indicate this is a donation through Gonzaga.

Please help us with this worthy effort! The Founder and Executive Director, Corrine Cannon, is the daughter of Gonzaga's own Rick Cannon and created the Diaper Bank in 2010.

For more information 

Welcome to the January GMC Meeting, Corrine Cannon!

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Congratulations Gonzaga Community! 630 Bundles of Diapers!

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Today, April 2, 2016, 23 members of the Gonzaga community bundled and sorted diapers at the DC Diaper Bank in support of the February Diaper Drive. In the two hours we were there the mothers and sons (plus one dad and three siblings) bundled and stacked 15,575 diapers. With these, the team created 630 bundles of diapers, which was 130 MORE than Eagles Wings did a few weeks ago at a similar event. When the boys found out EW did 500, it got a little competitive to the benefit of the diaper bank.

Great job to the boys and moms! Many expressed eagerness to return soon.

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