Each summer and early fall, GMC volunteers contact new families to welcome them to the Gonzaga Community.


Mentoring New Families in 2017-2018 - Remember when you were new to Gonzaga?  The simplest things can feel overwhelming!  Please consider guiding a few new moms through the process by offering to answer questions and provide information.  Often these questions are as simple as "What kind of shoes do the boys wear?"  All it takes to provide that support is one phone call during the summer, and another during the fall, to reach out and connect with a new mom.  You can answer any immediate questions, share some of our Gonzaga friendliness, and leave your contact information for future questions. It's so easy, yet makes such a big difference.  To volunteer to mentor 4 or 5 families, please sign up below:

Volunteer to Mentor a New Gonzaga Family