The Senior Parent Liaisons will use the Senior Corner to: 
keep Senior Parents up-to-date on communication with the Headmaster’s Office regarding graduating seniors; 
coordinate design & sale of senior T-shirt; 
coordinate snacks for Senior parent meetings: 

3/30/17 "Letting Go" Night 

Please check back here often for important information.

Any questions? Please contact Andrea Courduvelis or Lisa Roeder at


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Hello Senior Parents,

Time is flying by and it's hard to believe that January is almost over. Graduation is quickly approaching and there are a few things we need from you to help finalize the senior t-shirts.

1. Art work:  Your son has the opportunity to be the artist featured on the Class of 2017 senior t-shirt. If he is artistic, please encourage him to submit a drawing. The deadline has been extended to February 10th.

2. Son's Name:  Please click on this link and find your son's name. In the appropriate column, simply write in how your son wants his name to appear on the back of the senior shirt. The form will automatically save. (For those of you who have already sent us this info, we have already filled it out).

Thanks so much for your help. 


Andrea Courduvelis (Patrick Kelly) & Lisa Roeder (Will)

Senior Pictures

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Class of 2017 Senior T-Shirts. Calling All Artists!

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To All Seniors Families:

Do you have an artistic son?

Please encourage him to submit a drawing for the Class of 2017 senior t-shirts. The design should convey the spirit of this special class. 

All submissions need to be sent to Andrea Courduvelis at no later than January 15, 2017.

Senior Class of 2017 Supports the Gala!

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Hello Fellow 2017 Parents,

It’s Gala time!

The Gonzaga Gala Committee is hard at work on this year's "Nutcracker Suite on Eye Street".

This year they are asking each class to help underwrite some of the big ticket items. So we are

asking our fabulous 2017 parents to please consider a donation of $10 -- or more. Let's show

our school spirit and Eagle pride!

Contributions can be made by clicking here: Class Gala Donation (there will be a drop down

menu, after you enter your amount, to designate your class year) or a check written directly to

Gonzaga Mother’s Club with our class year, Gala Class of 2017 in the memo line.

Please mail any checks to:

Gonzaga Mothers Club

Gonzaga College High School

19 Eye Street, NW

Washington, DC 20001

Gala proceeds directly support educational programs, service projects and generous needbased

student aid that helps develop Gonzaga boys into "Men for Others."

Thanks in advance for your support.

Eagles Fly High and Go Class of 2017!

Kindest Regards,

Mate Ballestero, Class Donation Chair

on behalf of:

Kathy Kirvan, Andrea Mellado, Kimberly Notarianni

2016 Gonzaga 35th Anniversary Christmas Gala Chairs


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Dear Senior Parents:

We hope that the first month of school has allowed you to laugh with your senior some between all that's going on in their lives. We are introducing ourselves as the Senior Class Liaisons. It is our pleasure to guide you through this final year at Gonzaga and to connect as much as possible as the Class of 2017 moms. 

There are some important dates and items on our responsibility list that we want to make you aware of. This is an overview of some of the things we help coordinate and we will be in touch with further information as we get closer to each one. We also want to remind you to periodically visit this link on the GMC website for updates. Scroll down now to read senior counselor Jessica Pane's most recent letter.

1. Senior College Parent Night: October 6th at 7:30pm

2. Junior/Senior Financial Aid Night: November 3rd at 7:00pm 

3. Senior Parent Night “Letting Go”: March 30th at 7:00pm

4. Senior T-Shirt - we will be soliciting drawings from the boys and voting on the winning one. If you have a creative son (and don't we all) please mention this to him so he can start thinking of ideas. The names of each senior will also be on the t-shirt so we will be gathering those as well. This is planned for November/December. 

5. Senior Mugs - we will start this process after the first of the year. 

6. Graduation - we will be assisting with the tuxedos and all the prep going into that special day. 

So sit back, relax, breath and watch your son start to rise to his new heights. 


Andrea Courduvelis, mom of Patrick Kelly

Lisa M. Roeder, mom of Will Roeder

Class of 2017 Senior Liaisons

Senior Parents, please attend Admissions Night - 10/6 7:30pm

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Admissions Night with College Panel
For Senior Parents
Hosted by Gonzaga College Counseling Office

Letter from Senior Counselor Jessica Pane

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Dear Class of 2017 Parents,

This is it- my final annual letter to you! How quickly the years have passed since your sons arrived on Eye Street in August of 2013. These have been full years: lots of tests and try-outs, parties and prayers; a mix of laughter and tears, achievements and disappointments; a healthy dose of confident independence and humble appeals for help. Your sons have come a long way in three years. They have grown in intellect, wisdom, maturity, faith, and most definitely height! Every ounce of frustration they have brought you has probably been followed by a pound of joy. You certainly have much to be proud of in your extraordinary sons.

For all their strides, though, there is still more to learn within and beyond the classroom. I am already looking ahead to your sons’ successful transition from high school into college or employment. Wherever your boys land this time next year they will be met by a higher expectation for independence and responsibility. As you know those adult traits are not attained overnight, but rather over the course of long-term trial and error. Therefore, it’s important that this senior year be a praxis year for your sons, a year that invites them into opportunities to hone those very necessary skills for success after graduation. Examples of such valuable life skills are listed below. Perhaps challenging your sons to consider one a month this year might take some pressure off those anxious days before their post-grad adventure begins next summer ~

How to cook something

How to get dirty things clean (e.g. dishes, bathrooms, clothes, etc.)

How to find and get to a church with really late Mass times

How to balance a checkbook, pay bills, avoid overdraft, and build good credit

How to adjust to looser schedules and to use free time in productive ways

How to safely navigate the college drinking scene

How to communicate directly to teachers, bosses, and other adults

How to articulate their heath and learning issues and advocate for their needs

Imagining your kids doing all of the above for themselves in the near future might feel either scary or exhilarating! Beginning or continuing these teachable traits now will give your sons the gift of a solid foundation from which to launch into young adulthood.

Speaking of opportunities for growth, if your son has not yet made his Kairos retreat please gently encourage him to take advantage of this “now or never” experience. He may register for either the October Senior Kairos (Oct 18-21) or one of the other four junior and senior dates this year. Those who have already attended Kairos will be invited by Campus Ministry to take advantage of Legacy Retreat days throughout this year. Kairos is not a one and done experience; it is meant to be lived. Legacy will help Kairos alums strengthen their Kairos roots and extend them into life after high school.

There are many other practical details to be aware of this fall, such as important deadlines for college application materials, SAT/ACT registration, scholarships, community service hours, etc. Please stay alert to the school calendar, Headmaster Newsletters, College Counseling emails, and other forms of critical communication.

Finally, it goes without saying that senior year will be a very emotional year for your sons. From extreme anxiety this fall over college applications and post-grad planning to (often masked) sadness this spring over their inevitable departure from familiarity and friends, a yet unseen roller coaster of feelings and moods may soon enter your household! You can help foster a relatively calm ride in a few ways:

1) Debunk his hysterical or absolute thinking when you hear comments like “If I don’t get into X University I’ll never get a job!”, or “I’m not good at school so college isn’t for me.” Caution him to explore facts before assuming conclusions.

2) Discourage comparisons between his interests and plans to those of his classmates/siblings/etc. There is no one right path, and those who properly discern their own unique journey will be the ones charting the wisest course.

3) Encourage time spent in rejuvenating activities to balance the intensity of senior year. Remind him to socialize, to exercise, to sleep, to pray, to avoid substances, and to serve others.

I’ll be passing along those same messages during my interactions with your sons this year. As a practical measure of support this fall I will offer multiple group sessions before school and during lunches to teach your sons techniques for managing the particular stressors and anxiety that senior year often elicits. During the second semester I will invite seniors into voluntary “exit interviews” to share feedback about their four years on Eye St. And throughout the year I will continue to invite them to join me for individual conversations regarding their social and emotional well-being while they simultaneously work with their College Counselors on applications and post-grad planning. Please remind them of my availability through graduation as they encounter large and small struggles, health or family hardships, or general distress. Of course, I like to hear about the good stuff too!

I remain grateful for the privilege of working with your sons and the opportunity to partner with you. Thank you for your collaboration over the years, for your generous contributions to Faculty Treats, Faculty Grants, and other GMC & GFC events, and most importantly, for entrusting your sons to our care.

God bless the Class of 2017!


Jessica Pane

Class Counselor

Second Letter to Senior Parents regarding Graduation Info

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Graduation Packets - Info from the Headmaster's Office

posted May 12, 2016, 8:46 AM by GMC Webmaster   [ updated May 17, 2016, 5:57 PM ]

Graduation Packets are ready for seniors to pick-up in the Headmaster's Office from 6:30 AM until 1:30 PM, daily.

Packets include: six (6) tickets--three (3) tickets in St. Al’s (two in reserved seating, one in general seating) and three (3) reserved seat tickets in Sheehy Theater, 15 graduation announcements, and 50 name cards.


Graduation Update 5/1/16

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Senior Corner 

Seniors have been measured for their Graduation tuxes at school.  The graduates will need to provide black socks (black shoes will be provided with the tuxes) for the Graduation photo on Friday, June 3rd, and to be worn at graduation.
If your Senior has not yet picked up his Senior T-shirt, they can be picked up from the Gonzaga Bookstore.  The ladies there have agreed to distribute the few remaining ones.  Thanks again to Holden Madison and Ryan Parbs whose desgins were combined for an awesome Senior T-shirt!

Contact Yvonne Shicovich or Kristin Yohannan for more info.


New for 2016, our purple blanket with the Gonzaga Seal! Available as is or you can SPECIAL ORDER one with "2016" added in the lower right hand corner. 
This premium quality, cotton blanket is made in the USA, measures 50" x 60" and is machine washable. 
Please order by Tuesday, May 3rd.
 Our new Summer 2016 T-shirt and tank! We've created a colorful  new design, perfect for  summer and a must-have for everyone! These will be available under Apparel/T-shirts on the Bookstore website.
Please stop by the bookstore for all of your graduation gifts!  Find everything you need on our website under 
Find all of these fabulous items and so much more in the store and on the Bookstore Website! Questions? Please call the Bookstore at (202)336-7146.

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