The Senior Parent Liaisons will use the Senior Corner to
keep Senior Parents up-to-date on communication with the Headmaster’s Office,
coordinate the design & sales of senior T-shirts, and
coordinate snacks for Senior parent meetings. 

Please check back here often for important information.

Any questions? Please contact Mary Goodyear or Barbara Mulligan at

Class of 2017 Graduation Tribute Video

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Please click here for the #GZGrad Gonzaga Spotlight - 196th Commencement Tribute (2017)

Class of 2017 Graduation Photos

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Important Graduation Ticket Details

Headmaster's Office
May 9, 2017
Educating Young Men in the Jesuit Tradition Since 1821

Dear Senior Parents and Guardians,

As you have likely heard from your sons, we have begun distribution of Graduation tickets and announcements in the Headmaster's office.

It has come to our attention that there was a mistake made by the printer in regards to the dark purple Unreserved Seating tickets for St. Aloysius Church. Despite proofs to the contrary, the printer provided us with tickets showing last year's graduation date and time. All other tickets in your pack are correct.

Rather than delay distribution any longer, all mis-dated dark purple Unreserved Seating tickets will be honored on the day of graduation, June 4, 2017, despite the incorrectly printed date. All other information on the ticket is correct.

Thank you in advance for your understanding. We're looking forward to a great celebration of your sons!


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Thomas K. Every II


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Final Graduation Announcements

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                                                                Saint Al's Seating Layout

                                                                                        LOWER LEVEL

                                                            SEATING LAYOUT UPPER LEVEL

                                                                     UPPER LEVEL

Graduation 2017 - First Letter from Headmaster

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News from Senior Liaisons

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Senior T-Shirts Now for Sale!!!

We are taking orders for a one of a kind Class of 2017 t-shirt to honor our fabulous senior boys.

 Options are Long Sleeve - gray or white ($27) and Short Sleeve - gray or white ($22).

Ordering and payment can be made by clicking here.

Senior Parent "Letting Go" NightWe have our last Senior Night event on March 30 at 7 pm will be an opportunity for parents to hear about strategies 

for transitioning your son and yourself from high school to college.  Snacks will be provided by the Mothers Club.


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Hello Senior Parents,

Time is flying by and it's hard to believe that January is almost over. Graduation is quickly approaching and there are a few things we need from you to help finalize the senior t-shirts.

1. Art work:  Your son has the opportunity to be the artist featured on the Class of 2017 senior t-shirt. If he is artistic, please encourage him to submit a drawing. The deadline has been extended to February 10th.

2. Son's Name:  Please click on this link and find your son's name. In the appropriate column, simply write in how your son wants his name to appear on the back of the senior shirt. The form will automatically save. (For those of you who have already sent us this info, we have already filled it out).

Thanks so much for your help. 


Andrea Courduvelis (Patrick Kelly) & Lisa Roeder (Will)

Senior Pictures

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Class of 2017 Senior T-Shirts. Calling All Artists!

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To All Seniors Families:

Do you have an artistic son?

Please encourage him to submit a drawing for the Class of 2017 senior t-shirts. The design should convey the spirit of this special class. 

All submissions need to be sent to Andrea Courduvelis at no later than January 15, 2017.


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Dear Senior Parents:

We hope that the first month of school has allowed you to laugh with your senior some between all that's going on in their lives. We are introducing ourselves as the Senior Class Liaisons. It is our pleasure to guide you through this final year at Gonzaga and to connect as much as possible as the Class of 2017 moms. 

There are some important dates and items on our responsibility list that we want to make you aware of. This is an overview of some of the things we help coordinate and we will be in touch with further information as we get closer to each one. We also want to remind you to periodically visit this link on the GMC website for updates. Scroll down now to read senior counselor Jessica Pane's most recent letter.

1. Senior College Parent Night: October 6th at 7:30pm

2. Junior/Senior Financial Aid Night: November 3rd at 7:00pm 

3. Senior Parent Night “Letting Go”: March 30th at 7:00pm

4. Senior T-Shirt - we will be soliciting drawings from the boys and voting on the winning one. If you have a creative son (and don't we all) please mention this to him so he can start thinking of ideas. The names of each senior will also be on the t-shirt so we will be gathering those as well. This is planned for November/December. 

5. Senior Mugs - we will start this process after the first of the year. 

6. Graduation - we will be assisting with the tuxedos and all the prep going into that special day. 

So sit back, relax, breath and watch your son start to rise to his new heights. 


Andrea Courduvelis, mom of Patrick Kelly

Lisa M. Roeder, mom of Will Roeder

Class of 2017 Senior Liaisons

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