International Food Fair at Gonzaga
April 25, 2018
One of the most highly anticipated events of the year!
Proceeds are used by the Modern Language Department to defray costs for student exchanges and international study trips. We welcome all families, whether or not your son is taking a language, to participate in this culinary celebration.
Feel free to contact co-chairs Lauren Malone, Stephanie McMahon or Jenny Mavris with any questions regarding food donations and volunteer opportunities at

Donate Food, Volunteer to serve or both! International Food Fair, 4/5/17

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2017 Gonzaga International Food Fair - click here

Thank you for volunteering to contribute to the International Food Fair at Gonzaga on Wednesday, April 5th, 2017.  The students look forward to this annual event which supports the Modern Language Department and provides wonderful culinary dishes from around the world for lunch.  Favorites include Italian, Mexican, and Asian dishes, and the fabulous Dessert Crepe Station of course!  Once again we are featuring:

  • International Chicken Wing Bar - Chicken Wings with an International flavor (Chinese, Peruvian, Buffalo, Southern, Japanese, Mexican, etc.  
  • Global Hot Sub Sandwich Station - Rolls with cooked meat and vegetable fillings from around the world (sausage, meatballs, pulled pork/chicken, BBQ beef,etc.)  Please send in a dozen rolls with your dish.  Please no cold subs. 
  • Taco & Fajita Bar - Chicken, Beef, Pork, and Veggie selections. Please send in a package of flour tortillas with your dish.

Families are asked to make a Main Dish, Side Dish, or Dessert (enough for 12+ servings) to bring to school that morning and drop-off at the Carmody Center Lobby.  Please send all food in an aluminum half-steam pan (approximately 10"x12", to be used with a chafing pan and sterno that we provide).

All Food needs to be FULLY COOKED AND WARMED (once received, we will continue the heating process as lunch starts at 10:30).  If you send food in a crock pot, please be sure to label with your name, cell phone number and son's name/year.

Please clearly Label each dish on the top with a SHARPIE:

  1. Name of Food
  2. Country of Origin
  3. Reheating/Refrigeration Instructions

COMMENT BOX:  When you fill out the Sign Up Genius, please put the name of the dish, the country that it is from and your son's Modern Language Teacher's name in the Comments Box (your son will receive extra-credit for bringing in food). Please indicate the quantity as "1" for a dish that will serve 12 or more.

Volunteer Servers -
2017 Gonzaga International Food Fair -
 click here.

Thank you for volunteering to help with the April 5, 2017 International Food Fair -- Best Day of the Year!!

We need parents to set-up the evening of Tuesday, April 4th, and on Wednesday, April 5th (the day of the Food Fair), we need volunteers to collect and organize food, serve food, replenish food, work in the kitchen,prepare and serve crepes, be cashiers and help with clean-up. We suggest that you wear aprons and, if possible, tie back your hair if you are serving food. Gloves will be provided. Please sign up in the area and time periods where you would like to help. If you cannot stay for the entire time, please note that in the comments area.


    At the end of the day, any unsold food will be donated to the McKenna Center.


    Questions: Contact Lauren Malone, Stephanie McMahon & Michelle Pierpont, Co-chairs at

    The International Food Fair is always a favorite day for students, staff and parents! 


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    International Food Fair

    April 5, 2017

    The Favorite Event of the Year of the students & faculty!

    Food, Glorious Food!
    Your son will receive extra credit in his Modern and Classic Language class for bringing in a donation -- please have him check with his teacher!
    Sign up for food donation here:
    Sign up to volunteer here:

    A day when Gonzaga students and faculty experience the diversity of our school community by enjoying delicious food from hundreds of countries.  In the morning, students and faculty will purchase wristbands that allow them to sample authentic dishes from around the world. Proceeds from this event benefit the Modern Language Department.
     The cafeteria will be open for breakfast that day as usual.
    Contact Lauren Malone, Stephanie McMahon and Michelle Pierpont at for more information.

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